From the love of Shanghai green dream algorithm 2 teach you to identify the real soft Wen


as an article I wrote "how to write the medical station more attractive?" this is my apprentice, long long written, interested can read. How do you play on the title of the article definitely help, here I just say a little, don’t puff, such as the following several cases, you don’t have, "a senior expert outpatient, medicine", "XXX hospital, is your best destination", "XXX hospital, trustworthy reputation". These are the object of Shanghai love attack, if I had the chance to see this article, don’t write.

this time love Shanghai algorithm update is mainly for news sources containing obvious advertising factors of the article, I look at the case of Shanghai love list, gave me the feeling of these articles is not soft, I do not know what made up, do not know how many news editor at the time of the harvest the black, so the garbage, obvious advertising, a user experience not to release, and reproduced a lot, I kneel to these people.

this time, we have to look at what is soft, from the love of Shanghai green dream of algorithm 2, we can clearly identify what is really soft, love Shanghai need what kind of soft, I hope this article will bring you some harvest.

two, the title dare not so "thunder"

, the source of the news articles can not be less with your "logo"

Hello, I am full of love, remember when 2009 just join Shanghai dragon, at that time the chain is how easy, let me think of Shanghai dragon is the hair of the chain, this idea has been extended to now, since 2011, Shanghai love again and again the algorithm updates, upgrades, let me clearly, what is the Shanghai dragon, Shanghai dragon to do what, now I think, do the most important is the essence of Shanghai dragon how to write a good article attracted dozens of network reproduced, which indirectly enhance your own influence, so as to achieve the brand effect of the soft.

I said, is your website address, do a lot of Shanghai dragon, writing is not just for this chain? So now write the soft, very similar, the only connection is not the same, some people put the changed a bit, plus your connection, it is a new article, still can put the news source. But in a very coherent position on its own web site links, such as like me (www.shidingyouji贵族宝贝), is not anacoluthon? I believe me this article if released, you must be changed beyond recognition, do not believe, you will see this article. Look at it a few days, absolutely let you eyes of a flower, let the author appear, a sharp rise in influence, but the content has a sharp decline.

three, your "home" do not put in the wrong position

Discussion on the method of mining long tail keywords

tools use some tools to statistical method: the long tail keywords, commonly used tools are: love Shanghai love Shanghai index, search, love Shanghai droplist, chase WordNet, love station network, super housekeeper. Of course, not the keyword appears in these tools we can do, we also need a preliminary analysis, for example: in search for love in Shanghai, some are painted. Some key words is not working, some are very competitive, we have to discard these.

method four: Class Three: class ask: for example, the Shenzhen site which company? Which of the Shenzhen air conditioning repair company? How about Shanghai dragon Research Center?…… Comparison of class: for example: prize.the and Dahne which good? Taobao贵族宝贝 appliances and appliances which have Jingdong mall security? Wheat bags above package cheaper than Taobao?…… Parity: U.S. air and GREE air conditioning which is cheaper? BMW and Mercedes Benz which electrical price expensive? The United States and Jingdong mall mall as above

first of all, we should make it clear that what is the long tail keywords? Love Shanghai encyclopedia is defined as: the site of non target keywords but also can bring the flow of search keywords, called long tail keywords. Simple point is the key, in addition to home outside, is the long tail keywords. The characteristics of long tail keywords is relatively long, often is 2-3 words, even the phrase exists in the content of the page, in addition to the title of the page, but also in content. The search volume is very small, and unstable. The long tail keywords bring customers into the probability of customer website products much higher than target keywords. There are a large number of long tail keywords large and medium-sized website, the total flow is very large. Basic properties: long tail keywords is extensible, targeted, wide range.

method two: Statistics: if do promotion, then counted what keywords conversion rate is high, high call volume, the next month we will increase the expansion and optimization of the key words. If you do not do the promotion, then we can use the tools of statistical TQ business software and CNZZ and three party to analyze, summarize the high conversion rate of words.

Methods: three ?Method:

method five: expand the extension method commonly used "brand, area, use / application, product characteristics, product / service, profit model, such as: Shenzhen GREE air conditioning, air conditioning maintenance, office curtains, solid wood table >

method: inference: extended reasoning method is in accordance with a person’s thoughts to keyword. For example, Shenzhen tourism website, he is Shenzhen tourism, Shenzhen tourism network, tourism website in Shenzhen. According to the normal number of our thoughts, we will search: travel to Shenzhen, Zhuzhou to Shenzhen tourism, Shenzhen tourism group……

method for mining long tail keywords, you want to know? Yes, many webmaster mining method of long tail keywords in search, these long tail keywords must have a conversion rate, or no meaning, wasting our time. Here we will discuss together:

2012 Shanghai is the love of the medical industry doomsday

around November, love Shanghai imitation of 360 types of medical search, in search results related website record information, and remind the user Caution! Website. In the domestic website for the record has been relatively slow, so many owners choose not to record or by individual case, but the search results appear, is undoubtedly the medical industry have a huge impact, the user for the medical website some personal record or the record no longer trust.

3.10 month

4.11 month

in Shanghai for love, for special keywords in a hospital, not allowed to have sex for Shanghai. For example, before bidding can have love Shanghai XX Hospital in Beijing, now the hospital name for word has not emerged, whether it is the search which hospital do not appear. So the protection for hospital brand words, only through the Shanghai dragon to achieve, but also love Shanghai Shanghai dragon of medical industry vigorously against.

the end of the world?

2.9 months 5 days significantly drop right

1. "

website record information in search results

in September 5th or so, take down the right measures for most medical type website. In many webmaster has not come out from the haze of K, and earlier than the right down, it is one disaster after another. Drop right after the home page chain is very normal, but there is no website ranking. Originally included in the site restoration work is more difficult, now right down, more difficult to restore.


is the most serious one is the best one, although the time is not "6.28" for the medical industry impact, but around August 22nd, all the medical industry are basically eighty percent of the health care industry is Starving people fill the land., with elevation of hair, unless it is a regular local state-run hospital type website is still strong, basic the private medical website all the feathers, was given a lot of medical industry caused great losses, even now there are many sites still did not recover, but most of the current web site included and are still in the home.

5.12. >

according to the latest news, the Shanghai Encyclopedia of love to take professional certification on all medical terms, ordinary users will not be able to participate in editing, revision of written only by certified medical experts. The weight of love Shanghai Encyclopedia has been in the first place, the medical industry is the Shanghai Encyclopedia of sex as the focus of the "Rainbow plan" but love Shanghai encyclopedia so that after the general medical practitioners will not be able to edit the Shanghai Encyclopedia of love. This year, the medical industry is really difficult, love Shanghai, Sogou, 360 etc to the medical industry vigorously against and punish. Look at the following Shanghai love for the medical industry hit, 2012 oil is the medical industry

measures in Shanghai bidding 8.22" incident

Grace and hatred of 360 search and private hospitals



statements of a school, when not true. This paper starts from the 贵族宝贝leezisem贵族宝贝/post/133.html by the plum original please keep the link.

the Internet is boring, but the Internet is wonderful, if you want to list the recent internet wonderful vote, I think we will select 360 search". Chinese search market is always love Shanghai alone big, Sogou, soso there did not affect the Shanghai exclusive love cake. However, a 360 search. All are scared. Public opinion. Love in Shanghai. Let this new search engine is the focus of attention of Internet rapid rise. Here the plum and not to say the environment, only the private hospitals out look en hatred and 360 search and private hospitals.


360 search on the line, then love Shanghai ushered in the data changes. After a large-scale reshuffle 6.28K station, to have more love to Shanghai in awe of medical men hate Shanghai dragon. But because some awesome website ranking in the 360 search, a search 360 seemed to become a savior. Grassroots medical, Shanghai Longfeng hope all want the rapid rise of search 360. However, this Thanksgiving 360 search good times don’t last long, does not seem to care about the health of Shanghai dragon.

360 search en

do not play by the rules, has 360 characteristics. A recent change, completely poked the weakness of private medical. Behind the website snapshot of the related information website for the search keyword search in the 360 class hospital. Click the record icon will appear after the website name, website address, website organizers and record the license number / type information.

360 this action is undoubtedly the child, "the emperor’s new clothes". The one we are to expose the lies to avoid the. Is a private medical profit based on the needs of one is based on the needs of 360 users. Grace or hatred worth mentioning, sincerely hope that the domestic network environment and medical environment to track.

had a private medical network people know, the website for the record has been a private hospital keep from talking about weakness, whether personal or corporate filing filing is not qualified. The so-called pre-approval, private hospitals has been elusive.

Do these five points to send home search engine traffic

four, wide distribution and high quality of the chain.

search engines like we love Shanghai and nobility baby webmaster as "God", as long as make them happy, can get Everfount flow from them, and this is our profit, to make money through the website where! Some of the new owners to search engines look very mysterious, feeling difficult to find them temper, website snapshot not update, included, ranking up not to go, to do the station once feel confused and disappointed. In fact, this need not, the search engine is not so mysterious, their role is to provide Internet users from the vast ocean of information search and screening of high quality information available to the user, the fundamental value of their existence from this, we can understand, do stand to match, understand the search engine there the "mission" and standards, do the following six points, can make the search engine automatically delivered to flow.

for the website itself, to enhance the friendly degree of search engines, specifically embodied in the content of the site is easy to let the search engine spiders to crawl and grab, this requires that we first optimize the code in the website structure, from the fundamental to enhance friendly degree of search engine. Secondly, reduce the content of FLASH elements with the FRAME framework cannot be crawled by search engines, easy to be a spider crawling and grab. Finally, also can make use of the PDF document has congenital advantage weight files to improve the weight score website, so as to comprehensively and quickly optimize the website ranking.

is the only proper course to take good rankings get more traffic, and the ranking obtained breadth and depth and Links are closely related, there is a common method to make a station group impact love Shanghai ranking is the use of a large number of links, fast lifting the weight of the website to obtain the rankings. So, want to let search engine traffic to send home to the importance of the role of Links. The importance of quality chain is much higher than the number of links to find high correlation, high weight website in Links, and get some more one-way links, for the rapid increase in weight, obtain the good ranking effect.

two, a quality advantage Links.


search engine every day sent a huge spider in search of information in the vast sea of the Internet, and combined with the user’s interest to search these contents sorted, scoring by the quality evaluation system, and according to the assessment of quality ranking. So, please search engine with quality content is the site to get good rankings, and then obtain the fundamental flow, so to increase the original and pseudo original article content and has certain "search heat". At the same time, should also pay attention to develop a good habit of regular updates, this site will be able to quickly get the favour of search engine.

three, clear structure and easy web structure.

, a high quality and continuously updated content.

7 days to get the key words how to do on the home page




selected keywords, considering the site layout



most people see this title first reaction is the title of the party; the heart of a lot of OS from the crackling. I just found out, I told you the idea is the same, I also don’t believe; not possible in such a short time can put a word on the page; subversion that the predecessors of the "at least three months to do that on the front page keywords". Others also need hard every day to update the site, outside the chain? Try to drainage? It also allows live ah!!! But the truth in front of me, I have to believe. (screenshot card)

super popular words: home by other major power station occupied, no space to do on the home page word (explanation is not perfect, language expression ability is limited, hope to understand!)

love Shanghai search "backyard chicken" browsing (observation) first screen what love Shanghai related products, the search results are: Shanghai, Shanghai know there is love love love, love pictures, Shanghai Shanghai video library. Therefore, the site must be the four class contains.



seventh row in the home page. The site first article update time is March 26, 2016.

, a website in the core keywords on the soul. From the above screenshot you should guess what I do? I am currently in the mountain backyard chickens, to create the original ecological green food. Because I was doing "chicken", the first core keyword is definitely "chicken". Love Shanghai search this word to assess the degree of competition, whether they have the ability to do; found a bit found his strength is not enough, the decision to give up. Second select "backyard chickens" search, probably evaluate yourself can do, such as is the choice of the word. Must be in the selection process to avoid the selection of super hot words.

you see the words, will say: "this word is super popular words, except you, other people don’t do." Indeed, my words are super popular word, basically will not bring much traffic to the site, but understand Internet marketing people already know how to cash. (this topic is not discussed in the range today) today mainly about "7 days to get the key words on the front page"

strong demand already know, yet there is no need to consider the implicit demand. The implicit demand is not easy to know, need to see how you know about this industry. I know there are two implicit demand, one is the price.

The definition of

and a special key, you must select the main keyword search volume, try to choose the search volume is greater than 100

website main keywords

A newbest Shanghai Longfeng optimization scheme


answers: we made a column, use the question and answer mode to solve user problems, and not online, of course – not many people ask questions, but demand still exists, but very little. As long as there is demand, there must be a reason to exist.

tools: finally we provide is tools, such as our website provides building materials calculator, floor tile calculator, mortgage calculator and other tools, I believe that many people need to calculate their need to buy what the most reasonable station.

We can also

I do the decoration, I spent 3 months time, the words flow of our local industry monopoly 3/2, it can be said that in the industry do very well today, I took a niubable Shanghai Longfeng optimization scheme to share out, we have seen will feel very valuable.

PS: This is some demand processing station, as for what H1 tags, robots file, nofollow tag, I will not write, the theory is the programmer’s thing, as we can understand, Shanghai dragon ER, no need to further study. The last station optimization is the core, the faster the better open the website.


I first entered the company, our company’s website is not so completely from scratch, I love it, I hate a staff made a mess and then I came out, so this site is my own established.

the four core to meet the demand, I believe our peers can also meet, so we do in this station, need to add an additional value to improve the site experience.

knowledge: the second is to increase the knowledge of building materials, a lot of new people in the decoration is what all don’t understand, so our website provides related value, and the demand is very large, the general portal forum have, but for the enterprise stand for, do not so professional.

home is nothing more than mining demand, then meet this demand, our industry is in the decoration industry, we Changsha, demand is the biggest "company list, price, renderings, recruitment" and it can meet the demand in the content, I basically is in each case a description to the price, nature also meets the thumbnail renderings of the demand, then the company also has a recruitment page, so it is very simple to meet demand. Of course content to meet the demand, we also need to write the title of demand.

our home page to achieve the goals, the natural ranking of a website can not solely rely on words page, we also need to have the content page keywords flow, so the update is necessary, any one want to do the site of Shanghai Longfeng optimization, it is necessary to update, because the update an article, there may be a keywords ranking.

station optimization

Analysis of search engine development trend in 2013

in 2013 just after the launch of the Shanghai Spring Festival love Scindapsus algorithm, Scindapsus algorithm for website Links strictly against cheating. This let many webmaster suddenly feel heavy up, after the last love Shanghai several major algorithm update after adjustment, many owners think that the love in Shanghai this year will be calm, but the fact is not expected. Scindapsus algorithm once launched many rely on the purchase of the chain of the rankings website instantly be right down, the most representative is the webmaster link trading platform Ali slightly, has now been in love with.

China’s search engine market is constantly changing, and every year, with several major algorithm update adjustment, and every time there is some website search engine relentless drop right. Last year also love Shanghai most frequently updated a year, the main purpose of love Shanghai however each adjustment update algorithm is to combat some of the user’s cheating. At the beginning of 2013, Shanghai launched the green love algorithm, it also shows that Shanghai love search engine in this year still will intensify the crackdown for some cheating. Then this search engine market will be what important changes? Today, love the stars on the issue about the personal point of view, if have the wrong place please a lot.

intelligent mobile phone is more and more close to the computer, but no computer in some functions smoothly, the intelligent mobile phone now has basically replaced our computer reading, watching movies and other entertainment. Due to the convenience of intelligent mobile phone, many users will now direct search function with mobile phone, mobile phone and computer but after all is different, the mobile phone screen is relatively small, which largely affects the user’s search of sports. Some of the sites specifically for mobile phone users are designed, but are often some text content, which greatly affect the user experience. But love the stars, with the mobile phone users increasing, mobile life brings people a lot of convenience users have been affected, the future of mobile search service will also become an important part, and the major Internet Co must also will shift the focus to the mobile service, as a new growth point of enterprise the.

The biggest advantage of

intelligent mobile phone since recent years of rapid development, China’s mobile Internet users is increasing, traditional mobile phone has gradually fade out of sight. Intelligent mobile phone has changed the way of life of many people, we can use mobile phone shopping, entertainment and Internet browsing etc. now, these are the mobile Internet brought us convenience. So in the future of our life, intelligent mobile phone will also be a part of everyone indispensable, on the one hand we can communicate with friends by mobile phone, on the other hand, intelligent mobile phone is the equivalent of a small computer, more aspects of communication between people.

two, efforts to crack down on cheating website will enhance

, a 2013 mobile search business will flourish

Four Misunderstandings analysis easy to webmaster website weight easily produced

said the common misunderstanding website weight before, I will explain what is your weight and the importance weights of the website. Website weight refers to the search engine to the site to give the authority of trust value, the search engine on the web is higher, to increase the weight of the site is better. Website weight has a great influence on the website ranking, so how to improve website weight is an important problem we Shanghai dragon ER and webmaster to study. I began to get on the floor, four errors easily generated on the weights of the website:


the first error: snapshot update weight is high


website snapshot update with the site update frequency, your site updated frequently, the search engine spiders formed a habit, often to crawl your website, then your website will be more new snapshot. Your weight will also affect the website snapshot, some enterprises station content is limited, cannot be updated frequently, but the snapshot is relatively new, only that the website weight will affect the site snapshot, website snapshot update can not explain the website weight is high.

second errors: included more than page weight is high

included page to determine the site weight high is a very wrong view, included more than page does not represent the weight of high site, also included page less does not mean the website weight is low. With the content of the website included more than page update frequency, the original web site content, and website structure, website content updated frequently, website content originality, website structure flat, beneficial to the spider climb take other pages, grab web content better. I have seen an enterprise station, not much content, search engines are not many, but the target keywords and long tail keywords are relatively ranking, may this time there will be a friend of doubt, he is not doing these words are very popular, not, he did not popular products keywords, search results and love Shanghai auction, there are also some independent domain name, but his website ranking is beyond other sites, this is reflected in the weights of the website.

what is love Shanghai related domain, some people say that love Shanghai outside the chain, is somewhat similar, but only the other website appeared in your website URL, is love Shanghai related domain, if it is the anchor text, is not.

According to the number of

third errors: high PR value is high weight

the PR value high may be the site of the domain name is a long history, or do the chain and more advantages, less outbound links to other websites factors. In fact, a lot of good website PR value of 0, but the front row in the PR than its high site, this evidence strongly overturned the wrong point of view. In the search for "love Shanghai auction net, fishing net PR 0, all PR as 4, but the net is lined up in front of you the photo card

fourth errors: love Shanghai and YAHOO related domain of the chain is high weight

360 cross search is not easy and cherish

a gimmick

A wolf before

after the tiger

the two day search engine industry are two news worthy of attention, first, Google completely hung, hung from an occasional thoroughly. There is speculation that the "hanging" may be a precursor, some people think that "hang" may indicate that this will never leave. Lenovo to the domestic Internet regulatory environment and the recent national information security, after a greater probability of guessing, 28. Second, Zhou Hongyi began to compromise, the Qihoo began to give up the strategic port of PC search. To return to the origin of security. When Google withdrew from Chinese, was also said 360 search to search when big scuffle in the PC, and now Google may completely withdraw from the 360 search is said to contraction front when. A cycle of death. Once the love and dare to challenge the Shanghai 360 search

360 search has made a lot of gimmicks, love Shanghai search far from 360 search manufacturing gimmick. I said 360 search is green search, said I love Shanghai and bidding. 360 search that I can guarantee the safety of the search, Shanghai love that I have for. I said 360 search can search for payment, Shanghai love that I have for. 360 search that I don’t play the evil of the PPC, pay more attention to the natural ranking, Shanghai love that I have for. Why search 360 love making gimmicks so? Because Google quit after an exclusive love Shanghai, the search market has matured, impossible to get new users search, share only from Shanghai Hukou in love. Gimmick allows users to "try again" gimmick, indeed attracted a lot of users are willing to "try again". But the search products, basic is the homogenization of development, especially for search users, homogenization homogenization becomes more obvious, the easier the formation of consumer inertia. 360 manufacturing gimmick is nothing more than to break the inertia. But after all the gimmick is just a gimmick, when the user tried once found: you are merely mediocre, the contrast is not strong enough, to search the user stickiness naturally weak. So, although the 360 have a lot of gimmicks, but the user share soon hit a ceiling.

where to go?There is no money to make

and Shanghai is love in order to avoid confrontation, 360 search also try Zoupian Jian Feng, by other means of intervention to guide users search 360. Includes the following several ways, first, involved in the search through the browser. Once there are 360 browser in the browser market spoiler potential, by combining the address bar and search box, can also attract some users. Second, involved in the search through the navigation. 360 navigation for the 360 search contributed more than 20% of the traffic, but soon arrived on the line, the navigation has become the decline of Internet products. Third, involved in the search by some auxiliary software. For example, 360 desktop cloud disk and so on, to attract some users. However, we can find that the search product, each product, market competition is very intense. The browser needless to say, the navigation website also.