Month: July 2017

Some people say that the best optimization is not optimized

began to do stand, is from 08 years in November started! When do not stand this concept, there is no SEO this thing! Then slowly contact, SEO this thing more to let me move, let me excited! As a result, the next 1, 2 weeks, every day to see the SEO article, watch the video, do the test! Slowly, feel it is necessary, and then launched a new station,

station game!

updated every day, find the connection, line density, keywords layout, according to the experience of users to modify the template! Finally in December, PR0 to PR3, then felt quite successful! Since PR up to 3, obviously feeling words slowly climb! A keyword is cooking small another key is the game, small game, cooking game, looking at it from the Baidu home page eighth to seventh to second later! Every time Baidu update, his heart is very exciting! Don’t know oneself is lucky, or they seem to optimization is in place! This station, less than 2 months, there is more than 5000 IP, the feeling of that time, needless to say! But first read more

UGC product user relations and content production dynamics

for a UGC product, why the user to produce content, their motivation from where, this is a partial theory of the problem, but also the operation of the next step to take the basis of measures. To analyze the driving force of the user’s content, we must first understand the user relationship that the user faces.

on user relations, I agree with Roc in the "information based relationship chain active and market growth" in a text classified:

relation intensity classification and definition: read more

Two ways to improve the loyalty of forum websites

For the

forums, often traffic is not able to determine the profitability of a website, but the user decision, so the user loyalty for BBS is particularly important, so how to improve the forums user loyalty?

first method: optimize forum function

1: show the user personality through several different functions, to registered users self display space, but also in the forum to provide members the opportunity to display their own, so you can regularly show a number of good user image on the home page, can open up a column of community in the first page of information aggregation for example, the new registration and so on, but also improve the various activities of the forum management, because the main function is to interact, if there is no good interaction there is no way to retain users, so these interactive management is very important, these activities should be able to manage read more

Website to share the experience of one year flow and money making methods


website for one year, has also earned some money, the maximum flow rate to more than 3000, the novice to do, just wanted to see the fun, then others earn money, so my mom alliance, although not much money, but money is very convenient. Also easy to apply for. Here and share with you, how to increase the flow of new sites to make money, the master please.

was the first to apply for a domain name, CN can, to long it is best for com, do not want the money, less smoke a few packs of cigarettes can be, then, to find the one you want to do website program, now a lot of CMS program, and then uploaded to the space, is often update your website, the website only a lot of useful content, and then the content optimization, because the content is too much, it is now a lot of radio, do not know to see which, for better content recommendation, like CCTV6 and the video network, people will look at first page of things more attractive people, but to have more variety, and others do not do, there must be some heat, the old classic things also have, content is king, with good content will flow. Repeat customers. After some time, slowly your site has several 100ip, and then is propaganda, with the content is not enough, propaganda is very important, the most simple method, is to the forum post, not recklessly advertising stickers, novices can easily to flow, so the effect is not good, hair, finally have a few 1000IP, remember not all of a sudden there is a lot of it to the time, the master at once how many tens of thousands of IP I don’t know, anyway, the novice, this is really the comparison method. Then put in an alliance ad. Write it today, and have time to talk to each other again. read more

Personal webmaster needs share communicate improve

China network development for more than ten years, personal Adsense play an indelible role. Now, individual stationmaster still acting as the main force of the Internet, China every day, every moment to see innovative personal webmaster or individual team on the network. This success is not their own exploration, not retreat research, but by reference, other webmasters communication and other modes of experience, and then combined with the technology innovation and their implementation.

, we need to communicate with individual webmaster, how to communicate, read more

One hand will hand caught up to the

This hodgepodge of

in the network environment, what dirty mean people, dragons and fishes jumbled together, have, belong to the most BT is offering to sell their bodies you remit money to him he’ll cut a piece of meat in exchange for money or even see me


in fact, the Internet is everywhere is gold, but gold is often buried in the skull bottom, can really stand at the peak of the roar of the people since ancient times, and there are a few people? (this is how long the 1970- exploration of ancient read more

Late at night pay for the first time

  I have been out of work for more than half a year, because the school is to learn the computer, so it is natural and website play dealings. Find out two jobs, are concerned with the site. In the site, SEO has more or less contact point, but every time I a station network, I found that I did not know what, there are too many webmasters master! So, I will talk about my trouble today, please master to help me out of ideas, I now see where the problem! To say thank you ~^_^


I really do now in a local travel website, the website has now completed 3-4 months, today I said SEO, now the site visits only a daily average of 50 to 60 IP, PV is not too large in the other, I think the site content can also be ~ why not! Look! Maybe, everyone is not the site! Oh, this is the name of the site I call it the students of Hunan tourism network, Hunan tourism students specialize in the premise of this one, there is a tourism company entity []!! ~ I engage in this station, also want to use this the site of the tourism industry in. read more

How to set up 10 days in row Google home third

first statement: the pure, absolutely no pride! I hope you look at Laoniao content easy to laugh, do not Paizhuan!

said the Taobao knowledge forum is shopping guide to the station, we now search Taobao knowledge forum, search out the address is instead of the address, because the first time out of the time did not want to do it alone, and originally wanted to Xiaodaxiaonao to their website with a the affiliated forum, then more and more new friends to ask questions, I suddenly realized China development of electronic commerce in the nature will have everyone to learn and understand, and this process has a lot of problems can not be timely reply; for example community the largest China C2C in electronic commerce, should be the most authoritative the official, but each plate have long Bangui, motionless to delete, silver was too much permanent Cannot send the letter and the post and to others in the blog, the influence for Taobao and its members cannot join us after serious, including organizations such as read more

2 years of personal views on corporate website marketing

I have been doing business website marketing for more than 2 years, of which services have been printing plants, parking locks manufacturers, car washing cars, chemicals, building materials, education and many other fields. Network marketing for the traditional enterprise, the author found that most novice still stays in the primary stage of how to build websites, how to optimize the key words, the author to talk about their own in the past 2 years, personal experience and opinion on the enterprise network marketing. read more

Baidu included is not difficult rookie published experience


stayed in the Internet Co for half a year, there were very few contacts. So I recently took over the company ` rookie server, try to do a website. Domain name registration in September, the previous registration on the line, on the friend space. The program is unsightly and the work is busy and it falls.

now suddenly want to start, think of it, Baidu included under the domain name, TMD, host closed, that also included ` ` ` ` I sweat! And two site articles, and a host closed; I do not know what it is. Should that space be transferred to someone else?. Did not release URL, nor on Baidu submitted, Baidu own included. Now, it’s easy to include something.

November 5th website modified program on-line, submitted to Baidu. Just wait for Baidu update, from the domain name registration, good station to space transfer, and to today, have stopped for two or three months, update again, don’t know how long it will take. So I submitted to the search engine, these days in the online release of BBS in bolg, made some links. Also send the website title directly. Send N at once…… There is still a lot of other effects, are included, did not update down a few months, should slow down a bit, today use Baidu Search, actually updated, the host did not shut down, or included two articles. read more

Friends stop doing garbage stations

do you still stand today? We have already done a lot of garbage, garbage station can give you for a short time to bring a lot of benefits, but after the past time? Dumpster contracted engine K, being scolded, I think we do not want to do a lifetime of garbage station right? Did you do today station (RCPs)


do you still stand today, one day a station, I once heard of a man with more than 1000 stations, cattle ah, update 30 words a day a station to a station to update once, is it all collected? But even if the acquisition program is running time ah, do not know how he is doing, not to. read more

Do film and television website still have future

recently to concentrate on doing their own free online video website: the music network (, Xinlimeidi, also do not know to do the film and television website has no future.

read an article on the Internet, the website of one hundred thousand IP film on a seizure of the National Copyright Administration for alleged infringement, although the webmaster and not according to the requirements to the survey (still in the outside, but the two run away in) the value of thirty thousand yuan or so the server has been confiscated. Regret, to circumvent the problem especially would like to talk about the movie station copyright. read more

For the future vehement Shandong 99 car line for two weeks

in the blink of an eye, the Shandong 99 automotive network has been on the line for two weeks.

started once go some detours, but because of the 99 Weihai auto website long time Takeshi pointing, it didn’t much stubble, coming just downstream I wish you a happy voyage., from Baidu search results, search the Shandong automobile network has row to the third page, Baidu included page also has more than 150 basically, reached the expected takeshi. Follow the trend of hair show, I believe that the future of Shandong 99 automotive network will not let us down. read more

Experience summary picture station operators should pay attention to what

has always been, the picture station is the first choice of many grassroots webmaster, after all, compared to the content, the picture itself is more attractive, and publicity and promotion up, the efficiency will be higher. But the picture stands the intensity of competition in the industry is obvious to people, some hot words ranking is basically in a small Webmaster Station occupied, you want to succeed, the difficulty as can be imagined.

and the pictures of the station operation, some friends did not do a good job of thought, thought oneself do beauty picture stand, when the time comes to or WeChat on Tianya, do some publicity, traffic will brush to. But do webmaster will understand that it is not so simple, the picture stands up, need more marketing measures, relying on the pure beauty picture is difficult to attract more users, then in the picture station operation, what kind of problems we need to pay attention to read more

How do you get a startup to get 40 million Web pages

[Abstract] always provides journalists with valuable content they need or what they think is interesting.

TNW Chinese station reported on February 22nd

when you’ve finished writing your website code and putting it on the line, your company is ready to show the world, but no one is interested.

perhaps, your site will be in the first hour after the on-line registration amount of hundreds of people, this is because you held a press conference and invite the media to celebrate the establishment of the company has written several articles. In the first month, you may contact more media for publicity, and your company’s web page views may reach 1 million times. read more

Don’t work for your website


did Internet work, playing online at home was mostly playing games. After the Internet work, network promotion has become my biggest hobby, and sometimes I feel fascinated by the promotion of the Internet, just like I played online games before. But to play online games is to spend money, do network promotion is able to earn money.

because of this mentality, for a long time to do network promotion work, for me, like playing games is playing. Work is play, play is work. For a long time, I took this sentence as my motto, as if this sentence is also original. But really want to keep this mentality is not easy, I do Internet work almost 4 years, there is a small station, I feel the operation is not bad, if you really keep this state, it may be 2 years time. Or nearly 2 years of work, is to work and work. read more

n the future you will get less and less P from Baidu

when the webmaster is still a few months, take a look at the current Baidu. An unpleasant dislike.

Baidu was originally a search engine, it was for our webmaster to bring traffic, but look at the current Baidu. These traffic is being recycled madly. Let’s analyze it.

Baidu, when there is no news channel, estimates that most of the traffic in search news goes to the portal. But after the news channel, Baidu’s traffic was recycled.

Baidu, no MP3 search, I guess the music station webmaster can still have a lot of IP, from Baidu. But now? I didn’t do music station, but I think music station owner’s life is not so good, read more

How can website operations lack data statistics and what data analysis is most effective

any one of the normal operation of the website is a data, in the Internet era, the success of a web site operator, in the grasp of the operation mode of the website at the same time, but also good at summarizing and summing up, is an important source of data, the website statistics.

all know the significance of data on the web site a lot of people, the vast majority of the site will install the data code, in general, a powerful data code will mislead the operator, why? Because many website statistics, in order to web site operators for data analysis, they will put all the data included in the statistics website. For example, to analyze customer types, a web site user can include new users, access more than 3 times, but have no registered users, members, company employees, etc.. Different types of users visit different websites, and their stay time is different. There is also a big difference between the web pages they visit. read more

First talk about real name forum operation and seek the road of development

Hello, today Zhu Weikun shared a forum for the development of the topic, may not be very good, but will definitely cause everyone’s sympathy! Forum, now just a personal webmaster, can do, open source template is everywhere! However, this topic also relates to a topic before Zhu Weikun said, is the construction site is easy, but the operation mode is very difficult! Here to share some of their own views:

first of all, the development of the Internet, all cannot do without a popularity, and collection of people cannot do without the promotion! Of course, there is a people to follow the topic in our SEO circles, always can share things, called free training! Its main purpose is to allow everyone to understand the mechanism or read more

Baidu unspoken rules you know

originally did not want to come here to say these, but still hope that the webmaster friend can understand these ugly behavior.


big update in October 29th, 5 days ahead of hot words I do is included, only the word of the day brings the flow of about more than 100, Baidu was only included more than 300 articles, my station and Baidu, Sina, Sohu, potatoes and other large row on the home page, look really good, but Baidu good times don’t last long in the afternoon. About 6 gave me a hot word related page deleted at the same time, the domain name drop right, now SITE home, I estimate this domain name to say goodbye to Baidu! I want to say is that Baidu billboard not nothing to analyze him, people is that station service for big door we, these small personal station, or to walk away, because even if you are a short time do word, Baidu will not let you stay long, because this is Baidu’s unspoken rule, we can not let these The individual station competes with Baidu’s partners! That’s disgusting! read more