Month: September 2017

Xiao Yao deep analysis of causes of website right down

Some sites in the

4. keywords, description tag

5. server factorsThe stability of the

maybe your site is down right is due to external links and drag, when you are down the right, look at your website to external links have not been in love with the sea K or love Shanghai hair site, if this is the case you can still put these links take.


two, website right down

3, included drop (even if you update daily content more, but the search engine is still in the lower your collection).

large chain manufacturing waste read more

The three reason of web traffic instability

, a keyword ranking fluctuation

holiday traffic are relatively lower than usual. Unless you are designed to do the type of festival website, so, on the contrary, the holidays when the traffic flow is high, usually low, because 365 days a year, not every day is holiday. Many webmaster often wonder why the holiday traffic is poor, even the usually is not saturday. In this case, I want to say is, for wage earners, when work may be to use the computer to access the Internet and the like, but to the holidays, many people will choose to give up the computer to enrich his knowledge, or to relax the tense mood to work. So even if your web site keywords ranking is very good, but the search user is relatively less and less natural flow, this situation should be said is normal, because they are not the webmaster, not every day in front of the computer. read more

On the 5 question should pay attention to the website optimization

The original

five content. More content, more conducive to optimization, can reduce the website pictures into text that is best. Because of the love of spiders in Shanghai will be more love website, then the residence time will be longer, so it is beneficial to your website.


Ordos talent network 贵族宝贝, reprinted annotated source. Thank you

four, the age of the domain name. The domain name age, the weight of the station will love Shanghai more high, also more conducive to optimization. read more

mprove the anchor text strategy to enhance the user experience be nothing difficult

The so-called

second: create a "solution" anchor text

Although the

algorithm weakens the anchor text once love Shanghai, but the proper use of the anchor text or have a positive impact on the ranking and user experience, but if the number can not be effectively controlled, it is excessive abuse of the anchor text, it may lead to is right down the situation, as in the following articles:

this site is typical of the abuse of the anchor text is right down, can see from the figure, an article has five or six anchor text anchor text so much, much is vast, bold is the user see the riotous with colour, will be upset, it will greatly reduce the user experience, increase website bounce rate. Therefore, controlling the number of anchor text is to improve the anchor text strategy, the first step to enhance the user experience, the best number is an article of not more than three anchor text, and not each, only when you need it to add, and point to the link should be reasonable, not to the old home page, should be in accordance with the the anchor text content to add the appropriate link. read more

The right and wrong Links you realize how much

to a company interview, the interviewer took out a website, then let me say how the website ranking sit up, I said a chase, then the interviewer then said a word, that is not the chain, behind what can I do at that time, the chain has been in the vast majority of people in the mind. But outside the chain of the chain ah, so much in your website ranking, but you also brought so many website ranking, this article, about your right and wrong for those Links, simple thinking, for the Links we stay together morning and night. read more

The search engine speed and search engine submission effect

Sogou included speed is second only to Google, there is usually no barriers included, at least the home should not have included obstacles, I have not submitted, because a few pure text chain is always included. Sogou and to new ranking opportunities and even slightly higher than the love of Shanghai.

other search engines without what value analysis, in fact, will be included as a more slowly than the love of Shanghai, without a certain weight not much chance, the key is their user groups is very small. Don’t consider them. read more

Wen Qing entrepreneurship is all the way goods standing at the crossroads of science and technology

his character is too obvious, so that "is a listed company in the outgoing president of the news, the industry has been pretty close, either jumei or Chen ou, jiubang digital Zhang Xiangdong.

Mehdi, a one-stop shop has become the industry trend, because advertisers want to simplify the procurement procedures, and analysis of the data of all other platforms, while Microsoft is a one-stop shop service can meet this demand. Although shlf1314’s core business remains a search, the company has bought YouTube, a video sharing site, and DoubleClick, an online advertiser, suggesting that shlf1314 wants to diversify its business. read more

Shi Yuzhu announced that the annual salary of CTO million strokes to local experts do not foreign e

in April 15th this year, Shi Yuzhu announced that the wolf culture will be implemented in the giants, causing heated debate outside. He said he wanted to drive away the "white rabbit", which was more dangerous to the company, and to distribute the high salary and stock to the new wolf. The "golden wolf Burglary" plan means wolf culture has been implemented into the deep stage, den vacant. The first round of recruitment plan, mainly for two important positions, CTO, excellent producer. read more

Website optimization and writing standard TAGS Tags

: standard writing TAGS tags




any program that does not define the TAGS label how to write, but if the optimization effect, but also how to write standard, we can achieve the optimization effect? In writing TAGS tags, we need to know its purpose is to bring together the relevant information after filing a statement, therefore has good generality. In addition TAGS tags, as a word, we should avoid the "optimization sentence" is the basic norms.

four: TAGS tag to search volume read more

Their way do stand summarize WangzhuanThe smaller the theme the higher the site user viscosity

if you’re going to use Dreamweaver as a station, you just need to buy a space and domain name, and then upload it. What I’m talking about is building your own web site with a ready-made CMS program, and three steps.

The second step: we should go to the

website more and more, want to do portal is more and more difficult. Many companies invest large sums of money and manpower to build new doors,

but always came back.

Internet has more and more enterprises and Internet companies will network positioning in a very small area, often can obtain the best user viscosity,

the largest market share of a field.

360 security guards, based on a small security software. Qihoo brings endless traffic, and quickly red string in the network

become each computer are guardians of love,

flashget is also a small acceleration software, it can become one of the most downloaded software. Essential tools for every computer

61flash is also based on a children’s flash website, which quickly achieves the top 3 of children’s websites.I also do an experiment:

nearly million users IP, did not spend time in the above, if the interaction with the user. Add some dreams and constellation platforms.This flow is very easy to do

The reason why read more

Chinese network game crazy money brake eight online games have been closedConsumption slump America

is not as bad as imagined,

was dragged down by the news, and shlf1314 shares fell $22.25 on the Nasdaq stock market on Tuesday, to $464.19 a share, or 4.6%. On Tuesday, shlf1314 closed down 38% of its stock price in 52 weeks.

, some analysts say, comScore’s latest research figures may exaggerate the downturn and extent of online search advertising. JP Morgan analyst Imran Khan – Internet Imran Khan in a research report pointed out, there are differences between the research data and shlf1314 comScore published their own performance data. read more

Site optimization in different stages of Shanghai Longfeng optimization strategy

(1) 30-100.

based optimization if there is no problem, and not cheating, naturally will be ranked in the first two or three months, at this stage the ranking of the site keywords are no difference, say you up to fiftieth today, tomorrow in fortieth, this ranking is no difference, because almost no one click to go.

(2) 20-30.

site can from outside 100 into 100, your website credit is normal, at this stage the core word will have certain ranking, but also around the core word long tail keywords have different degrees of rank. read more

Shanghai dragon combat analysis cosmetics industry website optimization skills summary

so in the orientation of the core keywords, positioning is not too high, the fierce competition in the key word optimization very difficult, not only invested a lot of energy and time to management, and the final effect is not easily stable, so suggest that we choose cosmetics people easily ignored and search volume is still quite large words, these words can love and love Shanghai Shanghai index keyword recommended tools query, also the emergence of new hot words is the main target we optimize. read more

The enterprise website keyword strategy has become the core competitiveness of why

?Keywords: a

then to talk about keyword strategy target keywords

many owners are able to realize the importance of enterprise website keywords, but the importance of this often refers to can not arbitrarily change, otherwise easy to fall right in these areas, but in fact, the enterprise website keyword can also help website marketing and operations, which is related to the strategy of enterprise website keywords, and even many Internet experts now that enterprise website keyword strategy has become the core competitiveness! This is why read more

Shanghai Longfeng internal organs heart content Chain

In this paper,

Shanghai Longfeng internal organs heart two: high quality chain. There are many, the way of the chain such as blogs, forums, Post Bar, love Shanghai know the basic method and so on, we all know, but do not link will have effect. If the site in order to long-term development, it must be done outside the chain of high quality. Just imagine, if you do the chain is not stable, in a few days time point have been deleted, it is wasted a lot of time, even there may also be punished by search engines. Therefore, the chain like content, only the high quality of the chain, will get the favour of search engine. Collect some personal suggestions related industry blog, forum, Post Bar, make analysis, find out some of the highest weight, then go to the chain, so that it will be a multiplier. read more

The auction money OEM auction Case Perspective reasonable strategy is the key to success

early, due to lack of awareness of the market, and the price of key is not well prepared, to love Shanghai investment and output offset bidding. It is said that this product is working for the love of Shanghai. This is what we do not want to see. Click on the product price, search click prices in more than 5 dollars, but facing the endless price war and hospital. For a price of less than 600 of the products, there is no way to account for cheap. Of course, we do not give up the search, at the same time, the focus shifted to advertising network alliance. read more

Some web site search engine plucking

4, website optimization over

site is K can be said to be the biggest blow to station staff. As a Shanghai dragon Er, how to effectively prevent their site is K, and K can quickly find the method included again is very important. This paper only summarizes some K may be a reason for the solution, these reasons can not go.

The content of

what is collecting excessive? There may be long-term acquisition of a single site, resulting in too similar. There are input keywords to collection content, but the content is probably 01, 02 years old, the content, because the keyword will posted to our site. This content can be said is completely out of date content, can easily lead to site is K. Dong’ou valve network technical staff to come across such a station is the case of K enterprises. read more

Search open or just a legend

at the end of November China entrepreneurs annual meeting, Zhou Hongyi also hinted that the search content is too old now closed, subversive opportunities:

signs of multiple, apparently open search really is the mainstream of the future of search in the search field, produced a revolution. But according to my search for a period of exploration, open search in the search for does not seem so subversive, so only to search non mainstream factors circles, in the future for a long period of time in a difficult climate. read more

The analysis of competitors in Shanghai Longfeng angle station

we do Shanghai Phoenix are to complete through the web page, such as content, chain and so on, and now many master team Shanghai Phoenix are done from the structure of the web site, is said to have arrived from the program began to do optimization, search engine program, and then to two the development of search engine, ready to respond to changes, obviously we cannot enter their internal procedures, how do we judge? Can be analyzed from the website of the internal links, such as articles and the related articles, tag and website update, specific can see "how to build" strong internal links website in this article, if the opponent site architecture did not good enough, so is that they want more than sooner or later. read more

Shanghai dragon Er you shouldn’t say these words

we can make your website ranking love Shanghai home in three days, 6 hours before the three ranked love Shanghai, etc.. Do you love Shanghai’s internal staff? If you have the ability to make a lot of money why don’t you do? Are hardy orders. Search engine optimization is the need of time and strategy, ranking is not a simple tool to solve things, the real through the Shanghai dragon optimization ranking is usually need 3-6 months to see a relatively large effect.

first page design and Shanghai dragon is two completely different technology. Even if will design a website of Shanghai Longfeng people really, but it certainly takes. read more