The gem stories told in those years the market capitalization evaporated in these yearsKara payment

at present, Kara payments business for the bank card acquiring, Internet payment, digital TV payment, mobile phone payment, prepaid card acceptance.

more than 200 stocks limit, stocks only 2 stocks rose, the final Powei closed at 1656.43, down 5.11%. Last Monday, the gem index hit a new low since February 2015.

will decide on what path to follow?

to pay the equity structure of the

2016 October, Lacarra group has announced the business restructuring: the establishment of Lakala holdings as the top parent company, under the payment Kara payment service group and koala group. read more

Silicon Valley entrepreneur’s warning no need to think too much about business modelsExperience 17 a

in the first place to bring the shock is Twitter and Square · co-founder Jack Dorsey Jack Dorsey; keynote speech. His key words are: the current technology industry needs "Revolution", not just "Disrupt"". "People should think about technology," he said. "That includes the areas of science and technology, as well as the way start-ups are built. He said: "the revolution brings value, the purpose of the revolution exists, and this is a direction and leader.". We don’t want change only, so we can only stay where we are. We need direction and purpose." read more

You need the courage to dream all your dreamsAre net red someone served CEO Papi sauce still shooti

micro-blog has been popular with such a paragraph: people have to say "go, go" courage, once for travel, once for love, and in fact, people want to dream of desperate courage.

‘s present Shen Napeng is a successful entrepreneur behind successful startups. But these are his toil to every little bit, who dreams with extreme ease, takings, who desperately not through the blood of tears have today’s achievements.

live in the world of reinforced concrete inside, we have a regular nine to five work, every weekend at home, watching comedy drama, destroying three, thinking of contemporary life fun, look for integrity, in the day of decadence, said Seoul grass root how to say how far away. Ask yourself, you are young and innocent about heroic utterance when I grow up I want to do what? At that time, you must be in high spirits and has a dream struggle drive, now if you have to ask yourself to thirty years of age, the original dream also on hand? read more

Liu Chuanzhi college students have the courage to start a businessWhat does it really feel like to s

Internet era is still sprinting,

a soul that desires to grow, no matter where, whatever, or whatever, will eventually grow up. This process is called entrepreneurship.

"a few years ago, I wanted to start college students carefully.". Today, I encourage students to entrepreneurship, you can have the guts, because the mobile Internet, the emergence of new situations, many young people in Chinese characters also wrote a bad time, computer has been playing badly, make some fantastic things with the method we can not imagine, but conform to the trend of young people, even to do not good, also won’t have what price." Liu Chuanzhi said: "now some young people from the age of 14th Five-Year began to start business, do better than you do, and you do not understand."". read more

Website optimization how to make website promotion change new vitalityshlf1314 AdSense after the s

is a small part of their own views, is a small Loudi real estate network ldfdc by the number of years of experience in the SEO and the current social situation summary thought about a SEO promotion method, mobile phone promotion:

third choices, full-time do Taobao customers. Don’t underestimate the Taobao, don’t think he has nothing to do. People will engage in early Pidianpidian to count the money in that day. Taobao is a major trend in the future. This reason is obvious, because in the future is the world of e-commerce, things we all have, than those who are advertising more advertising circle, so Taobao is a major trend in the future. It is recommended that if you do not find the direction of friends, it is better to engage in Taobao customers, do not need too much technology, as long as you will be promoted on the line, traffic is king! read more

Computer news website traffic exchange AllianceHow do you get a good start at the start of your care

2. set up the brand image of the one and only

the establishment of a competitive start-up companies need a day to pay more, allowing users to enjoy more experience on your products, rather than in your walk with the same products in different pick, who is good or bad, okay, this is not a game of finding fault. Customers most desire is a practical solution to the problem, improve the function of the product. So you have to communicate with customers, experience, design, function and so on, all levels of communication, which will make your products in the starting point than the rivals. Caitlin McCabe, Real Bullets Branding> read more

For the first time how do two young people make a 100 million media brandshlf1314 launched the AdS

      this practice is very Chinese, because the official blog of shlf1314 is generally based on blogspot, and does not use another separate domain name. At the same time, we may also see that when shlf1314 builds a Chinese blog for other products, it is also possible to adopt this seed domain name. The AdSense Chinese blogs have three introductory articles, the latest in a "AdSense" – misleading policy shows that will make many webmaster shame, because shlf1314 publicly and explicitly pointed out that most of the domestic AdSense download website advertising style is wrong. If your site is of the same type, please correct it immediately, because shlf1314 may be able to check this situation from now on. In addition, shlf1314 also pointed out that two other domestic and foreign websites and blog are common misleading means, and clearly expressed " found that such sites will take drastic measures ". read more

How do startups deal with giants beware of seven weaponsAnalysis of characteristics of T advertisin

weapon two: copy and launch product

6, disruption startups business model

4, high salary to dig people, undermine team stability,

for the public IT products advertising, than home such as PC or digital products, more emphasis on the user’s visual impact. The general effect of hard advertising is more intuitive, and can form a direct impression on the audience. And some public relations articles, soft advertising, pay more attention to the details of the application experience, for a deeper understanding of technology, products, especially solutions, also has a unique role. read more

s it necessary to pay 960 million knowledge for financingBeware of the pitfalls of shlf1314 Adwords

completed B round of financing after 21 months, the industry rumors, the logic of thinking intends to finance 960 million yuan, the list of investors on the new Tencent and Sequoia Capital and other chiefs. The disclosure of relevant documents, the current round of financing for the logic of thinking Pre-IPO round of financing, valuation is expected to be about 7 billion yuan, the issuance of new shares is expected to scale to 370 million yuan, the transfer of the old shares is estimated to be 590 million yuan, the common investors including the Tencent, Sequoia Capital, mutual entertainment institutions such as heroes. read more

A 4 year pioneering road for 90 entrepreneursThe four rule tells the novice how to adjust the store

editor’s note: "road" is a special trek forright capital for "winter" in the most solid entrepreneurs opened a column, including a serial entrepreneur who bid farewell to the venture after settling down and Reflection on peer advice; business transformation and thinking of his gangster talk. This article is authorized to be reprinted from WeChat FREESFUND.

friends puzzle this application, then occupied Renren open platform rankings first position for 3 months. Investors were also looking for it, although I was the only one with no team. I feel smug. It’s easy to start a business. This laid a big hole for my later venture, and it took me several years to climb out of the hole. read more

shlf1314 Adsense shlf1314 Apps launched a new product promotionHow to optimize advertising to increa

white, so that advertising looks like a part of the text of the web, will be paid attention to, will be clicked.  

text advertising is much more than picture advertising.  

The following tips in

let me tell you some of the most basic principles that have made my click rate double.  

3.2 . Don’t let your ad look like an ad

and location.  

displays Adsense ads on Web pages, with myriad combinations of shapes, colors, and locations. You can spend hours trying

3.3  use text ads instead of picture ads, read more

Why don’t choose to start a business with traditional business peopleCommon types of website patte

well, the front forgot to explain, I was named senior SEO practitioners before, has been engaged in website optimization, website promotion and website operation, then for some reason he wanted to venture into the sea came out on his own, in the dream in the process, I do a lot of projects, also experienced a lot of partner, but I am sorry, so far I have no intention to get out of work, the only relief is in many projects to do what may have not been able to achieve great dreams of big money, but also did not appear to have the phenomenon of loss. read more

WordPress’s recent events were bleak and bustling with activity

said the WordPress community recently happened a month ago today, the long-awaited WordPress3.0 released, but a month later, the domestic and foreign WordPress industry is undergoing some very bad things, while is desolate, and be in full swing, why do you say so, I think do WordPress friends should have guessed 12 comes.


said domestic is desolate, in fact, the domestic WordPress community is not desolate, this can be seen from the WordPress forum Chinese heat, everyone in the discussion of new characteristics of 3 positive. What I mean is "Wordpress", the official website of simplified chinese. To date, WordPress3.0 has been released for one month, and our Chinese website is still WordPress2.9.2, the previous version of the most Chinese also is one or two weeks it was released, but this has been a month, no news. Although during this period there are a lot of non official Chinese release, but these versions did not go through the official audit, the safety or make some friends not at ease, so a lot of you still want to use the official version is assured. In fact, as the domestic WordPress Chinese team and other teams and individuals released Chinese version of a very good, but even so, the serious Chinese official update, always let you feel depressed, to some extent, is no doubt to the enthusiastic domestic WordPress Bo Friends poured a cold water. read more

Suitable for grassroots webmaster certification product introduction

a few days ago, I released the "Lu Songsong blog, adding 360 site certification to get a lot of people’s attention, certification mentioned many more friends to come to consult the article, in order to satisfy people’s curiosity and want to give certified webmasters some help for me in this situation we spread 360 site certification, at the same time in the the rest of the site certification, so that we choose.

is the 360 site certification is not over 360 to launch the service, this certification is actually launched by the certification of the alliance, the alliance certification guidance by the Ministry, 360 members of the unit is responsible for the display of the main terminal, like Tencent, Baidu, Jinshan these are its members, or more powerful. The alliance adopts the third party certification model, which is more reliable, including more than 30 domestic certification bodies, and more common is the security technology and Print-Rite integrity. I am on the security technology to complete the certification, it is understood that the security technology is by accreditation specified trusted authentication services and technical support organizations, has also led the development of the national standard "trusted website identification technology guide". The following is the result of this station authentication: read more

Technical Adsense forever pain

I call myself "technical stationmaster", it is not because of my technology is powerful, but I have the characteristic that technical stationmaster exists commonly. I have several websites, all procedures are written by myself, can run very stable, but the wine is afraid alley deep, even if the webmaster provides the most needed things, will no one cares.

I can’t help feeling inferior to my promotion ability, racking my brains to think of creative ideas and becoming a website in reality, but no one uses it. I would like to introduce my website, if you are a webmaster, please keep on looking, this content will help you! read more

Web Analytics the five major rules for designing responsive navigation menus

Abstract: This paper focus on the more challenging response of Web design: Design of response type navigation menu, there are five rules, you can easily and efficiently design responsive navigation menu in the small or large screen on the screen no matter.

Web design (Responsive Web response design) the idea is that the design and development of the page should be based on user behavior and environment equipment (system platform, screen size, screen orientation) of the corresponding response and adjustment. Responsive design allows you to create unique user experiences on different platforms, while maintaining minimal maintenance work. read more

Baidu and Google included rules inside you with a long day

for web updates and included, search engines have their respective laws. Therefore, every time the site updates included, are affecting each site operators nerve. Because the update is included in the rankings and Baidu Google ranking basis, of course, each site’s own situation is not the same, updated included can not be generalized. According to the Internet actual combat expert Huang Xiangru careful observation and comparison, summed up the Baidu, Google updates, included rules and phenomena read more

Problems existing in local websites and problems to be solved

recently, I’ve been helping with the link, and of course I’ve looked at some of the local websites. The exchange of more than really found some problems, of course, some problems are considered SEO, and some of the problems is the overall planning, the problem appears to be no problem, but if some, for the influence of the website is really not small, here I will see some of the questions I recorded, wish. Station friends pay attention to these details.

one, the details affect the weight of the site read more

How to avoid the operation of blogger blog the seven year itch

in the current network situation, how long is the lifetime of the unique blog? I think many people want to know the final answer. In fact, the current blog is very difficult to do, in addition to the content is difficult to adhere to, the dispersed reading groups, blog viscosity is the bottleneck of the development of blog. But in another way, if you can keep your character long, then you are the winner. Because persistence is an important factor in the development of blogs. So, how to prolong the life cycle of your blog? How to avoid the itch, avoid their xiebuxiaqu on the blog? I had a few ideas. read more

Mad animal city success public number operations need to adhere to or change

really want to talk about the "crazy animal city", the adults see nature of racial discrimination, political struggle, people see the dream, the pursuit of youth; and never give up; see the joy of childhood, juvenile Meng Disney movie.

but we’re in Internet circles, the exquisite picture of the content and depth of feeling, taste, and full of positive energy, the story of liberty to carefully polished literary and art circles, we see is that the nutrition from it: the public number, you stand in the height of the ratio of them in the end what difference a promotion? Who you have far than clever marketing distance. read more