From the love of Shanghai green dream algorithm 2 teach you to identify the real soft Wen


as an article I wrote "how to write the medical station more attractive?" this is my apprentice, long long written, interested can read. How do you play on the title of the article definitely help, here I just say a little, don’t puff, such as the following several cases, you don’t have, "a senior expert outpatient, medicine", "XXX hospital, is your best destination", "XXX hospital, trustworthy reputation". These are the object of Shanghai love attack, if I had the chance to see this article, don’t write. read more

Discussion on the method of mining long tail keywords

tools use some tools to statistical method: the long tail keywords, commonly used tools are: love Shanghai love Shanghai index, search, love Shanghai droplist, chase WordNet, love station network, super housekeeper. Of course, not the keyword appears in these tools we can do, we also need a preliminary analysis, for example: in search for love in Shanghai, some are painted. Some key words is not working, some are very competitive, we have to discard these.

method four: Class Three: class ask: for example, the Shenzhen site which company? Which of the Shenzhen air conditioning repair company? How about Shanghai dragon Research Center?…… Comparison of class: for example: prize.the and Dahne which good? Taobao贵族宝贝 appliances and appliances which have Jingdong mall security? Wheat bags above package cheaper than Taobao?…… Parity: U.S. air and GREE air conditioning which is cheaper? BMW and Mercedes Benz which electrical price expensive? The United States and Jingdong mall mall as above read more

2012 Shanghai is the love of the medical industry doomsday

around November, love Shanghai imitation of 360 types of medical search, in search results related website record information, and remind the user Caution! Website. In the domestic website for the record has been relatively slow, so many owners choose not to record or by individual case, but the search results appear, is undoubtedly the medical industry have a huge impact, the user for the medical website some personal record or the record no longer trust.

3.10 month

4.11 month

in Shanghai for love, for special keywords in a hospital, not allowed to have sex for Shanghai. For example, before bidding can have love Shanghai XX Hospital in Beijing, now the hospital name for word has not emerged, whether it is the search which hospital do not appear. So the protection for hospital brand words, only through the Shanghai dragon to achieve, but also love Shanghai Shanghai dragon of medical industry vigorously against. read more

Grace and hatred of 360 search and private hospitals


statements of a school, when not true. This paper starts from the 贵族宝贝leezisem贵族宝贝/post/133.html by the plum original please keep the link.

the Internet is boring, but the Internet is wonderful, if you want to list the recent internet wonderful vote, I think we will select 360 search". Chinese search market is always love Shanghai alone big, Sogou, soso there did not affect the Shanghai exclusive love cake. However, a 360 search. All are scared. Public opinion. Love in Shanghai. Let this new search engine is the focus of attention of Internet rapid rise. Here the plum and not to say the environment, only the private hospitals out look en hatred and 360 search and private hospitals. read more

Do these five points to send home search engine traffic

four, wide distribution and high quality of the chain.

search engines like we love Shanghai and nobility baby webmaster as "God", as long as make them happy, can get Everfount flow from them, and this is our profit, to make money through the website where! Some of the new owners to search engines look very mysterious, feeling difficult to find them temper, website snapshot not update, included, ranking up not to go, to do the station once feel confused and disappointed. In fact, this need not, the search engine is not so mysterious, their role is to provide Internet users from the vast ocean of information search and screening of high quality information available to the user, the fundamental value of their existence from this, we can understand, do stand to match, understand the search engine there the "mission" and standards, do the following six points, can make the search engine automatically delivered to flow. read more

7 days to get the key words how to do on the home page

selected keywords, considering the site layout


most people see this title first reaction is the title of the party; the heart of a lot of OS from the crackling. I just found out, I told you the idea is the same, I also don’t believe; not possible in such a short time can put a word on the page; subversion that the predecessors of the "at least three months to do that on the front page keywords". Others also need hard every day to update the site, outside the chain? Try to drainage? It also allows live ah!!! But the truth in front of me, I have to believe. (screenshot card) read more

A newbest Shanghai Longfeng optimization scheme

answers: we made a column, use the question and answer mode to solve user problems, and not online, of course – not many people ask questions, but demand still exists, but very little. As long as there is demand, there must be a reason to exist.

tools: finally we provide is tools, such as our website provides building materials calculator, floor tile calculator, mortgage calculator and other tools, I believe that many people need to calculate their need to buy what the most reasonable station. read more

Analysis of search engine development trend in 2013

in 2013 just after the launch of the Shanghai Spring Festival love Scindapsus algorithm, Scindapsus algorithm for website Links strictly against cheating. This let many webmaster suddenly feel heavy up, after the last love Shanghai several major algorithm update after adjustment, many owners think that the love in Shanghai this year will be calm, but the fact is not expected. Scindapsus algorithm once launched many rely on the purchase of the chain of the rankings website instantly be right down, the most representative is the webmaster link trading platform Ali slightly, has now been in love with. read more

Four Misunderstandings analysis easy to webmaster website weight easily produced

said the common misunderstanding website weight before, I will explain what is your weight and the importance weights of the website. Website weight refers to the search engine to the site to give the authority of trust value, the search engine on the web is higher, to increase the weight of the site is better. Website weight has a great influence on the website ranking, so how to improve website weight is an important problem we Shanghai dragon ER and webmaster to study. I began to get on the floor, four errors easily generated on the weights of the website: read more

360 cross search is not easy and cherish

a gimmick

A wolf before

after the tiger

the two day search engine industry are two news worthy of attention, first, Google completely hung, hung from an occasional thoroughly. There is speculation that the "hanging" may be a precursor, some people think that "hang" may indicate that this will never leave. Lenovo to the domestic Internet regulatory environment and the recent national information security, after a greater probability of guessing, 28. Second, Zhou Hongyi began to compromise, the Qihoo began to give up the strategic port of PC search. To return to the origin of security. When Google withdrew from Chinese, was also said 360 search to search when big scuffle in the PC, and now Google may completely withdraw from the 360 search is said to contraction front when. A cycle of death. Once the love and dare to challenge the Shanghai 360 search read more

EG easy to say look at the purchase network CPC click advertising 65 yuan P high priced on line Ka

, everybody:

Kara ? ! lakala exchange informationKara

earlier, the major asset restructuring of Tibet tourism has been questioned whether the stock exchange constitutes backdoor listing, after receiving the inquiry letter of exchange, restructuring terminated.

ad price: CPC click advertising 65 yuan / thousand IP

responded that Tibet tourism does not constitute a backdoor, the main reasons include: the total assets of the listed company to Sun Taoran, Sun Haoran and its affiliates to buy listed companies accounted for the change of control in the previous fiscal year audited consolidated financial report of the total assets ratio of 93.79%, not. read more

How did App Store change the world create 300 thousand jobsXiong Xiaoge on nvestment investors in t

, the app store, has only 500 apps from third party developers, including games, efficiency, and MLB MLB categories. In the opening speech of the store, apple used a total of three "revolutionary" to describe the store’s influence. From today’s results, the adjectives used by apple did not exaggerate.

invested in American legend pictures and successfully exited in 5 and a half years, demonstrating the precise judgment of IDG capital on the film industry. The United States is Wanda acquired Legendary Pictures in 2016 launched the two blockbuster "Warcraft" "the Great Wall", especially Zhang Yimou’s "the Great Wall" is the first attempt at large Sino US co production, but from the Wanda Group Chairman Wang Jianlin expressed in public view, "the Great Wall" global box office less than expected. How do Xiong Xiaoge feel about the future growth of the American legend film, read more

Besides AdSense cooperation modelYu Jiawen Wen Chenghui Chen Anni three after 90 entrepreneurs s

shlf1314 does not prohibit AdSense cooperation, therefore, webmasters can rest assured, do not worry about violations. So, what exactly is AdSense cooperation,

is definitely not to cheat, but said, similar to the operation of a single account, in accordance with the requirements of the AdSense on the web site, advertising AdSense in formal way difference is that the mode of cooperation, is the same AdSense account under the ad code, while put to many webmaster website, webmaster to the mode of organization together to form a coalition. read more

Short video startup status successful unsuccessful and fledglingDefining the future Forbes China’

launched fourth consecutive years, to promote and guide Chinese young people entrepreneurship innovation

Beijing has obvious advantages, almost half of the selected participants, and the rest mainly from Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen and Hangzhou


this is a short video for having heard it many times entrepreneurial success stories, often appear in the short video platform, but in space, the comedy mini series, a new story often with scripts, familiar with the development of unexpected, relaxed, humorous, interesting, and most important, in line with the current at the network of young people mentality, cock shaped, filamentous, self deprecating occasionally to warm the world is full of love…… read more

The gem stories told in those years the market capitalization evaporated in these yearsKara payment

at present, Kara payments business for the bank card acquiring, Internet payment, digital TV payment, mobile phone payment, prepaid card acceptance.

more than 200 stocks limit, stocks only 2 stocks rose, the final Powei closed at 1656.43, down 5.11%. Last Monday, the gem index hit a new low since February 2015.

will decide on what path to follow?

to pay the equity structure of the

2016 October, Lacarra group has announced the business restructuring: the establishment of Lakala holdings as the top parent company, under the payment Kara payment service group and koala group. read more

Silicon Valley entrepreneur’s warning no need to think too much about business modelsExperience 17 a

in the first place to bring the shock is Twitter and Square · co-founder Jack Dorsey Jack Dorsey; keynote speech. His key words are: the current technology industry needs "Revolution", not just "Disrupt"". "People should think about technology," he said. "That includes the areas of science and technology, as well as the way start-ups are built. He said: "the revolution brings value, the purpose of the revolution exists, and this is a direction and leader.". We don’t want change only, so we can only stay where we are. We need direction and purpose." read more

You need the courage to dream all your dreamsAre net red someone served CEO Papi sauce still shooti

micro-blog has been popular with such a paragraph: people have to say "go, go" courage, once for travel, once for love, and in fact, people want to dream of desperate courage.

‘s present Shen Napeng is a successful entrepreneur behind successful startups. But these are his toil to every little bit, who dreams with extreme ease, takings, who desperately not through the blood of tears have today’s achievements.

live in the world of reinforced concrete inside, we have a regular nine to five work, every weekend at home, watching comedy drama, destroying three, thinking of contemporary life fun, look for integrity, in the day of decadence, said Seoul grass root how to say how far away. Ask yourself, you are young and innocent about heroic utterance when I grow up I want to do what? At that time, you must be in high spirits and has a dream struggle drive, now if you have to ask yourself to thirty years of age, the original dream also on hand? read more

Liu Chuanzhi college students have the courage to start a businessWhat does it really feel like to s

Internet era is still sprinting,

a soul that desires to grow, no matter where, whatever, or whatever, will eventually grow up. This process is called entrepreneurship.

"a few years ago, I wanted to start college students carefully.". Today, I encourage students to entrepreneurship, you can have the guts, because the mobile Internet, the emergence of new situations, many young people in Chinese characters also wrote a bad time, computer has been playing badly, make some fantastic things with the method we can not imagine, but conform to the trend of young people, even to do not good, also won’t have what price." Liu Chuanzhi said: "now some young people from the age of 14th Five-Year began to start business, do better than you do, and you do not understand."". read more

Website optimization how to make website promotion change new vitalityshlf1314 AdSense after the s

is a small part of their own views, is a small Loudi real estate network ldfdc by the number of years of experience in the SEO and the current social situation summary thought about a SEO promotion method, mobile phone promotion:

third choices, full-time do Taobao customers. Don’t underestimate the Taobao, don’t think he has nothing to do. People will engage in early Pidianpidian to count the money in that day. Taobao is a major trend in the future. This reason is obvious, because in the future is the world of e-commerce, things we all have, than those who are advertising more advertising circle, so Taobao is a major trend in the future. It is recommended that if you do not find the direction of friends, it is better to engage in Taobao customers, do not need too much technology, as long as you will be promoted on the line, traffic is king! read more

Computer news website traffic exchange AllianceHow do you get a good start at the start of your care

2. set up the brand image of the one and only

the establishment of a competitive start-up companies need a day to pay more, allowing users to enjoy more experience on your products, rather than in your walk with the same products in different pick, who is good or bad, okay, this is not a game of finding fault. Customers most desire is a practical solution to the problem, improve the function of the product. So you have to communicate with customers, experience, design, function and so on, all levels of communication, which will make your products in the starting point than the rivals. Caitlin McCabe, Real Bullets Branding> read more