Norway approves two North Sea field developments

first_imgNorway’s ministry of energy has approved Aker BP’s development and operation plans for the Valhall Flank West and Skogul offshore fields. Aker BP submitted the plans on December 15, 2017.The large Valhall oil field is located in the southern part of the Norwegian section of the North Sea. It has already been the subject of several development projects.Valhall Flank Vest represents a further development of the field. The Valhall Flank West project aims to continue the development of the Tor formation in Valhall on the western flank of the field, with the startup of operation expected in the fourth quarter of 2019.Valhall Flank West will be developed using a new Normally Unmanned Installation (NUI), tied back to the Valhall field center for processing and export.The wellhead platform at Valhall Flank West will be fully electrified and will be designed to minimize the need for maintenance activities. The platform will be remotely operated from the Valhall field center.Recoverable reserves for Valhall Flank West are estimated to be around 60 million barrels of oil equivalent. AkerBP, an operator, has estimated total investments of around NOK 5.5 billion.Skogul tied to Alvheim FPSO“It is positive that there is a lot of activity on Valhall and that further investments will be made in the development of the field through the development of Valhall Flanke Vest. Valhall is a field that has been in operation for a long time and will continue to produce for decades to come. The field has contributed enormous values to Norwegian society, “said Terje Søviknes, Minister of Petroleum and EnergyAs for the Skogul field, it sits in the middle of the Norwegian part of the North Sea and is a smaller oil field with a marginal volume of associated gas. The development costs for the Skogul field are estimated at approximately NOK 1.5 billion.The Skogul field is located 30 kilometers north of Alvheim FPSO and will be developed as a subsea tieback to Alvheim via Vilje.Recoverable reserves are estimated to around 10 million barrels of oil equivalents. Production start is planned for first quarter 2020.The production well at Skogul will be subsea production well number 35 in the Alvheim area.“It’s important that companies get profitability from smaller discoveries. The Skogul field is just such a field and will contribute to value creation and government revenue. The development will largely be based on existing infrastructure. This type of development is an important part of the future on the Norwegian continental shelf, Søviknes said.last_img read more

ESL Shipping Seals Acquisition of AtoB@C Shipping

first_imgFinnish dry bulk shipping company ESL Shipping has completed the acquisition of all the outstanding shares of AtoB@C Shipping AB and AtoB@C Holding AB, announced at the end of June.As a result, the company expects its net sales to double from EUR 80 million to approximately EUR 160 million. Based on the calculations using figures from 2017, the cargo volume carried is expected to increase from approximately 11-12 million tonnes to approximately 16-17 million tonnes.As disclosed earlier, the value of the acquired enterprise is EUR 30 million (USD 34.9 million). The  purchase was financed by Aspo’s existing financing reserves, and new shares issued by Aspo Plc, the owner of ESL Shipping.AtoB@C operates 30 vessels in size of 4,000-5,000 tonnes. The company owns six dry cargo vessels in full, and has a share of 49% of two vessels. The other 22 vessels are time-chartered.The combination of vessels will bring ESL Shipping’s fleet to a total of 50 ships, including new LNG-powered ships, with a deadweight capacity of 468,000 tonnes compared to the previous 331,000 tonnes.“Together we form a strong Nordic shipping company that is customer-driven. It has strong shoulders to build future success determinedly,” Mikki Koskinen, Managing Director of ESL Shipping, commented.” The acquisition will shift ESL Shipping to a new size class and put it in a good position to improve operational efficiency and overall profitability of the shipping company,” says Aki Ojanen, CEO of Aspo Plc and Chairman of the Board of Directors of ESL Shipping, said.last_img read more

Suncor restarting production at Terra Nova

first_imgCanadian energy company Suncor Energy has restarted production at its Terra Nova FPSO located offshore Canada. Terra Nova FPSO. Image courtesy of Suncor EnergySuncor Energy operates the Terra Nova field, which is located offshore approximately 350 kilometers southeast of Newfoundland and Labrador.The Terra Nova FPSO was shut down for repairs before the storm last month, which affected production on Canada’s several offshore facilities.While the repairs were completed prior to the storm, Terra Nova remained shut down during the storm and did not start until inspections were complete.Canada’s offshore regulator, C-NLOPB, said in an update on Monday that production startup of the Terra Nova FPSO started on Sunday, December 2 with a slow and controlled production restart process.Prior to start up, inspections were completed, Suncor Energy received concurrence from the Certifying Authority and the C-NLOPB and it was deemed safe to resume operations.The Terra Nova FPSO and its subsea infrastructure have undergone significant integrity assurance work prior to restart activities.Extensive pressure testing and remotely operated vehicle inspections of the subsea flowlines have also been completed. The C-NLOPB is continuing to monitor Suncor’s restart activities.The Terra Nova field is comprised of a combination of producing wells, as well as water injection and gas injection wells, and delivers production from the Graben, East Flank and Far East blocks. Production from the field began in 2002, through the use of an FPSO vessel.Due to the storm, several other offshore facilities had been shut down, including ExxonMobil’s Hebron. The platform resumed production on November 23 but a couple of weeks later it came under the spotlight again following a high potential near miss incident.In related news, Husky-operated SeaRose FPSO spilled about 250 cubic meters (250,000 liters) of oil into the environment as a result of severe weather conditions off Canada. The FPSO remains shut-in.The regulator said on Monday that shutdown maintenance activities are ongoing at the SeaRose FPSO, but all drilling and production operations remain suspended. The C-NLOPB continues its investigation into the incident.Offshore Energy Today Stafflast_img read more

WIND to Provide Cable Storage for German Offshore Wind Pair

first_imgWIND Cable Services B.V. has won a long-term cable storage contract by EnBW for the Hohe See and Albatros offshore wind farms in Germany.Under the agreement, the Netherlands-based company will provide storage of the spare inter-array cable for the two projects.Boskalis is in charge of the supply, installation, burial, termination and testing of seventy-nine 33kV inter-array cables on the Hohe See wind farm.  The company is also responsible for the inter-array works on Albatros, as well as for inter-connecting the two projects.The 497MW EnBW Hohe See and the 112MW Albatros offshore wind farms will comprise a total of 87 Siemens Gamesa SWT-7.0-154 turbines.EnBW Hohe See is located 95km north of Borkum and 100km northwest of Helgoland, while Albatros is being constructed in the immediate vicinity.The two wind farms are expected to be put into operation by the end of the year.last_img read more

DEME to Begin Poland Dredging Gig

first_imgImage source: DEMEUnder a clear blue sky DEME Group cutter suction dredger ‘Amazone’ is setting sail from its homeport in Belgium to Poland to kick-off the dredging works at the Świnoujście – Szczecin fairway.The fairway provides access from the Baltic Sea, starting at the city of Świnoujście up to the Port of Szczecin, which is located some 66 km further inland.According to DEME, for this large-scale deepening and widening project several trailing suction hopper dredgers, a backhoe dredger and their cutter suction dredger ‘Amazone’ are being mobilized.“We are particularly proud of our team which has managed this major mobilization despite the coronavirus restrictions in place in both Belgium and Poland, taking all necessary measures to protect the health and safety of our people,” DEME announced.last_img read more

From idea to reality: five years since the first subsea compression system

first_img Premium You are currently not logged into your account. Register and get a two week trial. You need javascript to validate your login status. You are currently not logged in to a MyNavingo account. Log in Register Premium content Premium content Premium content Artist impression: Source: EquinorFive years after the kick off, the subsea compression system covering an area the size of a football field, at Equinor-operated Ã…sgard development in the Norwegian Sea, still runs like clockwork. Your current account does not have access to this premium item. Please upgrade your membership to access this content. Go to the shoplast_img read more

Family violence at ‘horrendous’ levels 25 Nov 2012Police investigated more than 77,500 domestic violence cases in the past 20 months, launching inquiries at a rate equal to five incidents every hour, new figures show. Of cases investigated between January 2011 and October 2012, 43,500 involved family members being injured and 2235 involved sexual assault, figures provided from police to Labour under the Official Information Act show. It comes at a time that police annual reports show a 50 per cent rise in people killed in domestic violence incidents over the past three years – 18 people killed in 2008, rising to 27 last year. Police did not publish comparative data for 2009 or 2010. Labour’s women’s affairs spokeswoman Sue Moroney described the rate of family violence is “horrendous”. Although rising statistics have been attributed to increased reporting of domestic violence in the past, Moroney says preventative measures aren’t working if more people are being killed. “You can probably make an assessment that family violence is on the increase as well as reported incidents.” read more

Wooden spoon spanking not abuse – US court

first_imgDominion Post 9 Oct 2013A San Jose appeals court has ruled that using a wooden spoon for a spanking that causes serious bruising should not necessarily translate into a finding of child abuse.In a ruling designed to establish legal precedent, the 6th District Court of Appeal overturned a trial judge’s finding that a South Bay mother should be reported for child abuse for trying to resolve discipline issues with her 12-year-old daughter by spanking her so hard with a wooden spoon it severely bruised her.The unanimous three-justice panel concluded that while the April 2010 incident may have been on the outer boundaries of parental discipline, the overall circumstances did not warrant a child abuse report.“We cannot say that the use of a wooden spoon to administer a spanking necessarily exceeds the bounds of reasonable parental discipline,” Justice Conrad Rushing wrote for the court.  Ms Gonzalez and her husband, according to court papers, had grown increasingly concerned with their daughter’s conduct at the time of the incident, citing the fact her schoolwork had deteriorated, she’d become “boy crazy” and was showing “growing interest in gangs”.The parents had decided to turn to spanking if the problems persisted, and the mother resorted to the wooden spoon after the daughter failed to come home until late at night on the April 2010 evening. Court papers show that other relatives later told social workers that spanking was a rarity in the family, and the mother testified she did not know she was causing any physical harm or bruising when she used the spoon.The appeals court concluded that the mother’s motivation for imposing discipline and lack of intent to inflict physical harm were important factors in overturning the child abuse findings.“Nothing in the record suggests the mother should have known she was inflicting bruises,” the 6th District wrote. Noting the family’s reasoning for using the wooden spoon, the court added that “the spanking was entirely the product of a genuine and deliberate disciplinary purpose, i.e., to arrest troubling behaviour patterns exhibited by the daughter”. read more

Sexual predator honored with U.S. postage stamp

first_imgLifeSiteNews 28 October 2013What would you call a 33-year-old man who both had and axiomatically acted upon a deviant sexual appetite for underage, drug-addicted, runaway boys? (No, not Jerry Sandusky.) What would you call a man of whom, as regards sexual preference, his own friend and biographer confessed, “Harvey always had a penchant for young waifs with substance abuse problems”? In a recent interview, I called this man “demonstrably, categorically an evil man based on his [statutory] rape of teenage boys.” But you can call him Harvey Milk. Harvey Milk’s only claim to fame is that he was the first openly homosexual candidate to be elected to public office (San Francisco city commissioner). His chief cause was to do away with the Judeo-Christian sexual ethic. In 1978 Milk was murdered over a non-related political dispute by fellow Democrat Dan White. And a “progressive” martyr was born.….Randy Thomasson, child advocate and founder of, is one of the nation’s foremost experts on Harvey Milk. Of the Shilts biography, Thomasson notes, “Explaining Milk’s many flings and affairs with teenagers and young men, Randy Shilts writes how Milk told one ‘lover’ why it was OK for him to also have multiple relationships simultaneously: ‘As homosexuals, we can’t depend on the heterosexual model. … We grow up with the heterosexual model, but we don’t have to follow it. We should be developing our own lifestyle. There’s no reason why you can’t love more than one person at a time.’” Whereas McKinley, a disturbed runaway boy, desperately sought a “father figure” to provide empathy, compassion, wisdom and direction, he instead found Harvey Milk: a promiscuous sexual predator who found, in McKinley, an opportunity to satisfy a perverse lust for underage flesh. Years later McKinley committed suicide.…To me, even the mere notion of elevating, to hero status, a man who statutorily raped teenage boys, is what’s uncivil.Matt Barber (@jmattbarber on Twitter) is an attorney concentrating in constitutional law. He serves as Vice President of Liberty Counsel Action . read more

Fresh surrogacy concerns after Australian parents abandon baby

first_imgStuff 14 April 2015Australian officials could do almost nothing to stop Australian parents from abandoning their baby son, born through surrogacy in India, after the couple decided they did not want to bring him to Australia.In documents that raise fresh concerns over overseas surrogacy arrangements, government cables and emails show that Department of Foreign Affairs staff told an Australian couple that they could leave their son “stateless” if they did not apply for Australian citizenship for him.The documents, released under Freedom of Information and first reported by the ABC, show Australian officials struggling to deal with the case of a couple from NSW who had twins – a boy and a girl – born to an Indian surrogate in 2012.The husband approached the Department of Immigration in December 2012, saying that he and his wife only wanted to take the baby girl back home, explaining to officials “they could not afford to support both children”.“He also stated that they already had a boy and wanted to take the girl to complete their family.”“Our ability to ensure the welfare of a non-Australian child in a foreign jurisdiction is limited,” an official cable sent in late 2012 says, while other messages call for “urgent” advice from government colleagues. read more