n the future you will get less and less P from Baidu

when the webmaster is still a few months, take a look at the current Baidu. An unpleasant dislike.

Baidu was originally a search engine, it was for our webmaster to bring traffic, but look at the current Baidu. These traffic is being recycled madly. Let’s analyze it.

Baidu, when there is no news channel, estimates that most of the traffic in search news goes to the portal. But after the news channel, Baidu’s traffic was recycled.

Baidu, no MP3 search, I guess the music station webmaster can still have a lot of IP, from Baidu. But now? I didn’t do music station, but I think music station owner’s life is not so good, read more

How can website operations lack data statistics and what data analysis is most effective

any one of the normal operation of the website is a data, in the Internet era, the success of a web site operator, in the grasp of the operation mode of the website at the same time, but also good at summarizing and summing up, is an important source of data, the website statistics.

all know the significance of data on the web site a lot of people, the vast majority of the site will install the data code, in general, a powerful data code will mislead the operator, why? Because many website statistics, in order to web site operators for data analysis, they will put all the data included in the statistics website. For example, to analyze customer types, a web site user can include new users, access more than 3 times, but have no registered users, members, company employees, etc.. Different types of users visit different websites, and their stay time is different. There is also a big difference between the web pages they visit. read more

First talk about real name forum operation and seek the road of development

Hello, today Zhu Weikun shared a forum for the development of the topic, may not be very good, but will definitely cause everyone’s sympathy! Forum, now just a personal webmaster, can do, open source template is everywhere! However, this topic also relates to a topic before Zhu Weikun said, is the construction site is easy, but the operation mode is very difficult! Here to share some of their own views:

first of all, the development of the Internet, all cannot do without a popularity, and collection of people cannot do without the promotion! Of course, there is a people to follow the topic in our SEO circles, always can share things, called free training! Its main purpose is to allow everyone to understand the mechanism or read more

Baidu unspoken rules you know

originally did not want to come here to say these, but still hope that the webmaster friend can understand these ugly behavior.


big update in October 29th, 5 days ahead of hot words I do is included, only the word of the day brings the flow of about more than 100, Baidu was only included more than 300 articles, my station and Baidu, Sina, Sohu, potatoes and other large row on the home page, look really good, but Baidu good times don’t last long in the afternoon. About 6 gave me a hot word related page deleted at the same time, the domain name baobr.com drop right, now SITE home, I estimate this domain name to say goodbye to Baidu! I want to say is that Baidu billboard not nothing to analyze him, people is that station service for big door we, these small personal station, or to walk away, because even if you are a short time do word, Baidu will not let you stay long, because this is Baidu’s unspoken rule, we can not let these The individual station competes with Baidu’s partners! That’s disgusting! read more

ndividual stationmaster garbage station operation Zoupian Jian Feng

today for everyone to say, web site operation is refers to, personal Adsense in doing garbage station when some ideas. Why do I want to say "garbage station" instead of "regular station"? Because there are 90% people in China who do garbage stations. Because we don’t have the money to go to regular stations, and we don’t have time to wait for the website to grow and make money, so we starve to death before it grows. So it’s important for a personal station to make a quick profit, and that’s what it takes to get there. read more

Talking about the thinking of the webmaster from the mistakes of link exchange

talks about webmaster thinking from the mistakes in link exchange, and Microsoft says link building is the most important and difficult part of promoting websites. Simply put, the truth about building links is that there is no shortcut. This is the same old tune, but it is precisely the basic knowledge, but let the webmaster has errors, because the link is K, is right down and things happen frequently, so, what is the specific local errors of


Microsoft search rarely give advice to SEO and webmaster. Of course, maybe someone mentioned, we are not too concerned about Live search, did not see it. A few days ago, Microsoft search official blog sent an article on the exchange of links, but also quite useful reference. If the exchange link can be automated and easy and fast, the program or alliance is probably not worth the time and effort. Undeniably, the webmaster is dreaming of this simple and fast way, the effect is not good. read more

Wheat pig evaluation million net

introduction: again want to declare, wheat pig evaluation site, not in order to with the webmaster together hype, whether or not know the webmaster, I do is personal evaluation. In advance not to understand the situation of the webmaster, just with a user position, with their own opinions to write.

today to write is "millions of nets", http://s.baiwanweb.com/ is the webmaster in my first written evaluation in the message, want me to write.. I went in the site after browsing, summed up the following. read more

Station master do you know the definition of garbage station

now, the stationmaster always says garbage dump, it’s what Baidu says. It’s normal for Baidu to stop the garbage collection. There is now Baidu new sites included significantly slowed down. For some webmaster, it’s a good thing. For Baidu itself is also a good thing. Many webmaster in Baidu not included before Passion, and Baidu included often is not proportional to. There is a lot of webmaster always blame Baidu does not include your site, but the webmaster you have thought of no, your station is garbage station, not included in the necessary ah. read more

Teach you how to deal with websites when they are attacked

always has a website to ask for help for EeSafe: "the website has been attacked", "the homepage of the website has been tampered with", "the website database access is not enough.""…… .

as a professional dedicated to solve the problem about security and website team, we always told the owners to solve the problem of how to do first, second, and finally into the technology to solve the. Sometimes webmasters don’t understand why they don’t immediately solve problems with technology, and we feel very helpless. Because most websites solve problems directly with technology, they have worse consequences. It will take a long space to explain the cause of the problem. But still want to say clearly why, say, if in this process can let more webmaster in the website security management has been very good promotion, this will be our greatest encouragement. read more

Talking about webmaster soft Wen thinking source end of article

before the author, respectively, to share the webmaster soft ideas source (serial) and talk about webmaster soft Wen thinking source (serialize two). Today is the third serial, and this is the end of a series of articles, hoping to give webmaster friends bring some new feelings.

seven, personal experience

but in an industry to do a long time, in the course of time, there will be some more or less experience, and the website has different categories, different industries, the so-called gehangrugeshan, so focus on certain areas of the webmaster, can share in their own field of experience and experience, to share other webmaster friends. read more