Webmaster friend can your website be closed

your site can be turned off, if you are a webmaster or planner, you will follow my ideas, think for 5 minutes, if not closed, there is a little good to you, because these are the epitome of my years see example.

why should I write this subject,


today met 3 Webmaster: a webmaster, will run hard 2 years of site 2000 sold; a webmaster, flow from 2 10 thousand years ago, is now 100; there is a webmaster are still struggling to support the next two years can not see hope in the market are everywhere on the site. read more

The head of operations teaches you how to analyze competitors’ websites for 3 minutes

web site supervisor for so many years has been responsible for each enterprise website operation, handling of the site is not in the minority, from small to large enterprise portal, and the mall site, cannot do without the analysis, one of the most important and the most important is to analyze the competitor’s website, a cloud of war "Zhiyizhibi, baizhanbudai" as the supervisor must know how to analyze competitor’s website, and as to promoted to director you must know how to analyze competitor’s website. OK, dry starts, read more

Reasonable cost make your website a new look

webmaster in order to enhance the popularity of the site, everyone wants to make their website in visual and functional new look: LOGO more eye-catching, web page is more beautiful, more stable program. So that your customers experience more comfortable and natural, it is easier to make profits through the website. Individual stationmaster besides originality, more it is the employee that lacks originality to be able to realize. As employees can not afford a high salary, the development of the site is slow, and gradually no one is interested, and the profit is out of the question. read more

Talking about the difference between DNS and DNS and the problem of Chinese domain name addressing

the past 10 years, the Chinese domain name Internet status, role, role of debate has not stopped. Here I would like to explain to you English domain (DNS) and the international domain name system (IDNs) the difference about the second international domain name (IDNs) standardization process system, finally explain the objective Chinese familiar with the domain name addressing topics.

English domain name and internationalization domain name system difference

since the Internet, distributed network needs a location (network number) to make man-machine conversation when find information storage, which is the "network addressing" are read. read more

Some people say that the best optimization is not optimized

began to do stand, is from 08 years in November started! When do not stand this concept, there is no SEO this thing! Then slowly contact, SEO this thing more to let me move, let me excited! As a result, the next 1, 2 weeks, every day to see the SEO article, watch the video, do the test! Slowly, feel it is necessary, and then launched a new station,

station game!

updated every day, find the connection, line density, keywords layout, according to the experience of users to modify the template! Finally in December, PR0 to PR3, then felt quite successful! Since PR up to 3, obviously feeling words slowly climb! A keyword is cooking small another key is the game, small game, cooking game, looking at it from the Baidu home page eighth to seventh to second later! Every time Baidu update, his heart is very exciting! Don’t know oneself is lucky, or they seem to optimization is in place! This station, less than 2 months, there is more than 5000 IP, the feeling of that time, needless to say! But first read more

UGC product user relations and content production dynamics

for a UGC product, why the user to produce content, their motivation from where, this is a partial theory of the problem, but also the operation of the next step to take the basis of measures. To analyze the driving force of the user’s content, we must first understand the user relationship that the user faces.

on user relations, I agree with Roc in the "information based relationship chain active and market growth" in a text classified:

relation intensity classification and definition: read more

Two ways to improve the loyalty of forum websites

For the

forums, often traffic is not able to determine the profitability of a website, but the user decision, so the user loyalty for BBS is particularly important, so how to improve the forums user loyalty?

first method: optimize forum function

1: show the user personality through several different functions, to registered users self display space, but also in the forum to provide members the opportunity to display their own, so you can regularly show a number of good user image on the home page, can open up a column of community in the first page of information aggregation for example, the new registration and so on, but also improve the various activities of the forum management, because the main function is to interact, if there is no good interaction there is no way to retain users, so these interactive management is very important, these activities should be able to manage read more

Website to share the experience of one year flow and money making methods


website for one year, has also earned some money, the maximum flow rate to more than 3000, the novice to do, just wanted to see the fun, then others earn money, so my mom alliance, although not much money, but money is very convenient. Also easy to apply for. Here and share with you, how to increase the flow of new sites to make money, the master please.

was the first to apply for a domain name, CN can, to long it is best for com, do not want the money, less smoke a few packs of cigarettes can be, then, to find the one you want to do website program, now a lot of CMS program, and then uploaded to the space, is often update your website, the website only a lot of useful content, and then the content optimization, because the content is too much, it is now a lot of radio, do not know to see which, for better content recommendation, like CCTV6 and the video network, people will look at first page of things more attractive people, but to have more variety, and others do not do, there must be some heat, the old classic things also have, content is king, with good content will flow. Repeat customers. After some time, slowly your site has several 100ip, and then is propaganda, with the content is not enough, propaganda is very important, the most simple method, is to the forum post, not recklessly advertising stickers, novices can easily to flow, so the effect is not good, hair, finally have a few 1000IP, remember not all of a sudden there is a lot of it to the time, the master at once how many tens of thousands of IP I don’t know, anyway, the novice, this is really the comparison method. Then put in an alliance ad. Write it today, and have time to talk to each other again. read more

Personal webmaster needs share communicate improve

China network development for more than ten years, personal Adsense play an indelible role. Now, individual stationmaster still acting as the main force of the Internet, China every day, every moment to see innovative personal webmaster or individual team on the network. This success is not their own exploration, not retreat research, but by reference, other webmasters communication and other modes of experience, and then combined with the technology innovation and their implementation.

, we need to communicate with individual webmaster, how to communicate, read more

One hand will hand caught up to the

This hodgepodge of

in the network environment, what dirty mean people, dragons and fishes jumbled together, have, belong to the most BT is offering to sell their bodies you remit money to him he’ll cut a piece of meat in exchange for money or even see me


in fact, the Internet is everywhere is gold, but gold is often buried in the skull bottom, can really stand at the peak of the roar of the people since ancient times, and there are a few people? (this is how long the 1970- exploration of ancient read more