Talking about webmaster soft Wen thinking source end of article


before the author, respectively, to share the webmaster soft ideas source (serial) and talk about webmaster soft Wen thinking source (serialize two). Today is the third serial, and this is the end of a series of articles, hoping to give webmaster friends bring some new feelings.

seven, personal experience

but in an industry to do a long time, in the course of time, there will be some more or less experience, and the website has different categories, different industries, the so-called gehangrugeshan, so focus on certain areas of the webmaster, can share in their own field of experience and experience, to share other webmaster friends.


eight, reflection after failure

in life, no matter what you do, there are success and failure, so, website construction and optimization process in most of the time, maybe we are doing is wrong, but at the time where we don’t necessarily know, otherwise it will not be all wrong. However, with the in-depth understanding and more, our own knowledge and level is also rising, may not how long will understand yourself before doing wrong, and to reflect on the previous error, it is worth reference for new friends, can let the novice take a lot of little detours.


nine, novice tutorial

a lot of new friends at the beginning of the line, will face many problems, and these problems may be in the eyes of the old owners not worth mentioning, why not give these newly arrived friends to share it, the old owners can according to their own summary, to the novice friends to share some of the tutorials in the choice of domain name, space and so on, to to help new people more, but also mentioned his own celebrity, Why not??


this article is the end of this series, but I hope to see friends of writing style article after reading, but also to practice, the so-called practice of genuine knowledge, this is reasonable. In the next time, the author will give webmaster friends to share more experience and experience, and hope that we can exchange more, thank you. This article by pioneering story net original, reprinted please indicate the source.