Teach you how to deal with websites when they are attacked

always has a website to ask for help for EeSafe: "the website has been attacked", "the homepage of the website has been tampered with", "the website database access is not enough.""…… .

as a professional dedicated to solve the problem about security and website team, we always told the owners to solve the problem of how to do first, second, and finally into the technology to solve the. Sometimes webmasters don’t understand why they don’t immediately solve problems with technology, and we feel very helpless. Because most websites solve problems directly with technology, they have worse consequences. It will take a long space to explain the cause of the problem. But still want to say clearly why, say, if in this process can let more webmaster in the website security management has been very good promotion, this will be our greatest encouragement.

received unexpected events:

"cyber attack", "the website had been tampered with" these are the website security incident site owners suddenly found, may directly affect the site visit, affect the normal use of the site itself members, and even affect the website search engine included, the weight of the website and so on. That’s why we all want to solve the problems quickly and get the website back to normal. Simple solution to these problems is not difficult, web pages have been tampered with directly modified to the correct page can be solved. The site is attacked, resulting in no access, and most of the change IP parsing can also be the fastest solution. But the key is to find the cause, prevent it from being tampered with and continue to attack. So, find the cause is the key, but when we help website, will be able to find the cause of less and less, and this is why we always told how to do webmaster first, secondly, because of the need to find the operational phase to solve the problem of website security reasons from the development stage of the site to the site by backtracking, this requires a process, a process to find, solve the website security issues, the process we have. Another is to provide the web site, a site at all stages of the various documents produced. When solving the problem of website security, the lack of both will lead to the security problems being solved in time and cause greater losses to the website.

, take an example of web tampering.

web pages have been tampered with, this site security issues, we contact the site, the most anxious government website. But there are exceptions. We got a call for help:

will first assign someone in the team to take over the task, and the assigned person will ask the web site for help,:


(1) the domain name of the website? (2) web server IP? (3) the specific location of the web server? "(4) URL has been tampered with? (5) tampering may start time (6) the time interval has been tampered with to continue after the restoration (7) first tampering website >