Station master do you know the definition of garbage station

now, the stationmaster always says garbage dump, it’s what Baidu says. It’s normal for Baidu to stop the garbage collection. There is now Baidu new sites included significantly slowed down. For some webmaster, it’s a good thing. For Baidu itself is also a good thing. Many webmaster in Baidu not included before Passion, and Baidu included often is not proportional to. There is a lot of webmaster always blame Baidu does not include your site, but the webmaster you have thought of no, your station is garbage station, not included in the necessary ah.

what is the garbage station, for Internet users, the site is good and useful to me. Is the movie station a garbage station? Let’s get a movie station where the Marx program changes. If the style interface allows the Internet users to accept it, the domain name will be remembered, the movie will be updated quickly, and the target resource, speed and quality will pass through. Isn’t this the garbage station?. This is good, nice. For Internet users, it has its value and significance, but for search engines, this is a garbage station.

a lot of people say: "there is no original content of the website is garbage station, this I disagree.". My point is: no matter what kind of site, commercial station, garbage station has its meaning and value. Is a just uploaded site, for webmaster, meaning is very important: passion, ideal. But a website has its meaning and value is not enough. Unless the site for the webmaster, just to meet their hobbies, or learning, and so on.

in fact, the garbage station is only in the webmaster dictionary, not in the netizen dictionary. In the eyes of Baidu, in addition to the well-known search engine, all the sites outside the portal are garbage stations. Garbage is not garbage, only Internet users have the final decision-making power. Because your station is for the Internet users do, rather than Baidu.

article from the garbage movie station and I welcome you to the friendship connection webmaster friends, happy new year, the year of the ox hair, bullish