Wheat pig evaluation million net

introduction: again want to declare, wheat pig evaluation site, not in order to with the webmaster together hype, whether or not know the webmaster, I do is personal evaluation. In advance not to understand the situation of the webmaster, just with a user position, with their own opinions to write.

today to write is "millions of nets", http://s.baiwanweb.com/ is the webmaster in my first written evaluation in the message, want me to write.. I went in the site after browsing, summed up the following.

one, template design is too messy,

enters the homepage feeling to be somewhat better, is to each channel navigation and brief introduction. To the inside pages, using the common columns around the left navigation should be to beautify the re layout, seems too simple, not very professional.

two, interactive integration model

this model I quite agree with, use core integral, to circumjacent product, channel, the further development of businessman, can do very good interactive. However, the need to pay attention to, from users to points to merchants, details are not clear enough. For users, the interaction is mainly to participate in activities and exchange prizes, businesses are promoting themselves and products. I think it will be better if I pay more attention to details.

three, core development and operation

million network of interactive channels is good, and ideas are also very good. I think the goal of this station is to develop in this direction, so we should pay more attention to our own core development. These can be done better, and then to some entertainment channels, such as millions of stacks. Webmaster should use good user points, this is very important.

four, between websites and businesses,

for now, the biggest aspect of profitability is the business. I think this is the most important thing that businesses should do better with businesses, such as how to get businesses to get the effects of advertising they want.

The operation direction of

five, the entire station

model is good, interactive stronger, the concept of development should be good, these I did not understand the webmaster, but with their own to see and lenovo. For future developments, I’ll give some advice and provide a better platform for users to get more value. I think the prizes should give some virtual items, such as QQ, QQ service, game cards etc.. The business has just said that, after all Human effort is the decisive factor. more efforts.

six, interactive sites need more practical and innovative

if an interactive site does not innovate, users will soon be lost. In addition to the foundation, it should break through the bottleneck, to more entertainment, interactive development. QQ is a good example.

seven, the overall site,


" first or want to say "design", this…