Talking about the thinking of the webmaster from the mistakes of link exchange

talks about webmaster thinking from the mistakes in link exchange, and Microsoft says link building is the most important and difficult part of promoting websites. Simply put, the truth about building links is that there is no shortcut. This is the same old tune, but it is precisely the basic knowledge, but let the webmaster has errors, because the link is K, is right down and things happen frequently, so, what is the specific local errors of


Microsoft search rarely give advice to SEO and webmaster. Of course, maybe someone mentioned, we are not too concerned about Live search, did not see it. A few days ago, Microsoft search official blog sent an article on the exchange of links, but also quite useful reference. If the exchange link can be automated and easy and fast, the program or alliance is probably not worth the time and effort. Undeniably, the webmaster is dreaming of this simple and fast way, the effect is not good.

Microsoft’s definition of an exchange link is to mass exchange links to improve search engine rankings. This link exchange is usually done only for search engines, not for web users. In addition to the so-called "large-scale", this unpopular link exchange features include, first, often the use of software to automatically generate pages, and also automatically send request mail, approval links, etc..

The second feature of

is that a dedicated directory is often built on the web site to exchange links, which is nothing to web users. I add a feature that is often not content related.

again, for search engines, there are several features of unprofitable link exchange:

1· large-scale

2· using software automation

3· false directory form

4· there is no correlation

, the exchange link, used to be the mainstream of links, and lots of English websites. In fact, small-scale, manual, one to one link exchange, useful and harmless. Just pay attention to the extent and scale, do not do, do with the above four characteristics of the link exchange group.

this post has given several suggestions for building links, and though they are all platitudes, just list the main points.

1· become an expert in this field.

2) provide free service.

3) participation in activities of industry or professional associations. Many industry associations have membership list, sometimes members help organize activities, the association’s website will be in the form of links to.

4) make full use of social networking sites, blogs, forums, videos, twitter, etc..

finally, Microsoft’s post reminds everyone of the truth about building links". In English >