ndividual stationmaster garbage station operation Zoupian Jian Feng

today for everyone to say, web site operation is refers to, personal Adsense in doing garbage station when some ideas. Why do I want to say "garbage station" instead of "regular station"? Because there are 90% people in China who do garbage stations. Because we don’t have the money to go to regular stations, and we don’t have time to wait for the website to grow and make money, so we starve to death before it grows. So it’s important for a personal station to make a quick profit, and that’s what it takes to get there.

well, cut the crap and go straight to the subject. Site operations include the following three points:

, first, is the establishment of the website theme (that is to say, what station do you want to do)

second is the website promotion (that is to say, how to earn more IP)

third is making money (do not make money, we do what he does)

if you want to do a good job, you must think differently. You must use the thinking of different people to operate the three points above. First of all, let us talk about the establishment of the theme of the website.

most of the individual webmaster are in the trend of the state, as long as I heard some kind of station to make money, immediately follow. So there are CMS everywhere, collecting everywhere, Hao123 everywhere.

now most webmaster do website, the first thought is, do this station can come to how much traffic, less to do less. Such as the atomic bomb manufacture network (which is my nonsense), this website will not do, because not many people visit. And I heard that "QQ space" this kind of station is very traffic, so everyone to do what, QQ space to go. Did you do an atomic bomb parts network, although the access number is little, but if anyone access, then the probability to find parts of the atomic bomb is very large, very likely the person is to buy the atomic bomb or atomic bomb components, then you directly with the atomic bomb hook manufacturers, so this is a single, you can earn a lot, that day is better than IP W more. The server does not bear much pressure, but also to earn money, also don’t spend much time, Why not?? why does the thousands of tens of thousands of stations, crowded with that keyword to do


secondly, tell us about website promotion and search engine ranking.

here, I will not elaborate on it. I would like to say something about it. That is the exchange of links. Most of the PR3 web site, when looking for links, hope to find PR4, PR3 site to connect, PR low all don’t, so, the link is difficult to expand. As everyone knows, it is better to add links to the PR than to attach importance to it. Choose some PR low, but included in the good station to link, it is good, because PR does not represent everything. For example, this station www.9uzt.cn although PR is 0, and included is not much, but because it is new station, I find him to do connection, he must be very happy, but this station and >