Baidu unspoken rules you know

originally did not want to come here to say these, but still hope that the webmaster friend can understand these ugly behavior.


big update in October 29th, 5 days ahead of hot words I do is included, only the word of the day brings the flow of about more than 100, Baidu was only included more than 300 articles, my station and Baidu, Sina, Sohu, potatoes and other large row on the home page, look really good, but Baidu good times don’t last long in the afternoon. About 6 gave me a hot word related page deleted at the same time, the domain name drop right, now SITE home, I estimate this domain name to say goodbye to Baidu! I want to say is that Baidu billboard not nothing to analyze him, people is that station service for big door we, these small personal station, or to walk away, because even if you are a short time do word, Baidu will not let you stay long, because this is Baidu’s unspoken rule, we can not let these The individual station competes with Baidu’s partners! That’s disgusting!


finished! My station,