First talk about real name forum operation and seek the road of development

Hello, today Zhu Weikun shared a forum for the development of the topic, may not be very good, but will definitely cause everyone’s sympathy! Forum, now just a personal webmaster, can do, open source template is everywhere! However, this topic also relates to a topic before Zhu Weikun said, is the construction site is easy, but the operation mode is very difficult! Here to share some of their own views:


first of all, the development of the Internet, all cannot do without a popularity, and collection of people cannot do without the promotion! Of course, there is a people to follow the topic in our SEO circles, always can share things, called free training! Its main purpose is to allow everyone to understand the mechanism or


however, free training of the road, is not very easy for everyone to insist, because there is no free lunch, also let the thinking ingrained, in Chinese mind some time ago, a set of Hunan TV’s "Zijin Mountain" said that the majority of the college entrance examination is very excited, but things over, around the family let the children, work hard, or in the struggle, this is not true feelings to change, but the environment force was


so, to give something money, learning knowledge, heart, to learn is also practical, ask the teacher also feel at ease, so, 240 yuan training course can fire. These are just the beginning of a thinking process for forum operations,


, forum, there is a way to develop it,

forum is the way the crowd, we are basically the weight of the site construction, network promotion, SEO knowledge, micro-blog marketing and other network marketing knowledge forum. And the beginning of all this is what most people do in this circle,

1. hair outside chain

we all know, in this industry, is the first priority is to send the chain, want to let the webmaster love your forum, must give the hair of the chain of power, or the forum, no one love, even love, there is no power


therefore, if you want to develop a good forum, but also allow members to seriously to release the chain, it is necessary to guide us, the real name network marketing is to teach you to send the chain, to guide us, this time, each human knowledge, but also good to complete the task, but also on the viscosity this forum, this is the one.

2. promotes brand

for any website, he want to popularize, just send the chain, there is no maximum effect, even if not careful ranking give you up, but also good times don’t last long will be playing down the risk at any time,


, such as soft text promotion, it is necessary to imperceptibly in your article which appears some brand words, let people read articles when you can go to know your brand, of course, this >!