How can website operations lack data statistics and what data analysis is most effective

any one of the normal operation of the website is a data, in the Internet era, the success of a web site operator, in the grasp of the operation mode of the website at the same time, but also good at summarizing and summing up, is an important source of data, the website statistics.

all know the significance of data on the web site a lot of people, the vast majority of the site will install the data code, in general, a powerful data code will mislead the operator, why? Because many website statistics, in order to web site operators for data analysis, they will put all the data included in the statistics website. For example, to analyze customer types, a web site user can include new users, access more than 3 times, but have no registered users, members, company employees, etc.. Different types of users visit different websites, and their stay time is different. There is also a big difference between the web pages they visit.

besides, we are to visit the source of traffic statistics, most of the site is on the search engine traffic, it is also referred to as the natural flow, in the mobile Internet era, relying solely on the natural flow of time already in the past, a mature website operation, traffic sources is more channels to diversify the direction of development these types of channels, mainly divided into: paid and natural flow, paid media and free media, internal and external, and advertising alliance. Through data analysis, which channel operations have effect, if the analysis is wrong, it will affect the overall operation of the site, and even increase the operating costs of the site.

then, what is the most effective data analysis for websites? Simple statistics or tracking traffic sources?…… Or according to the purpose of the operation of the website, to achieve a specific demand for effective analysis. Early site construction and operation, in the data a few times, pay more attention to the website traffic and channel, and when the website operation is relatively mature, data analysis should be more biased in favor of functional website development direction, such as a business marketing website, the user purchase rate is particularly sensitive, so it should be based on the core data analysis and analysis; and for display type website, for the special interest of user retention, data analysis is based on interest, if it is a profit by advertising website, how to induce users to click on ads, then click the user from advertising to do analysis……

may, the website also for other purposes, the website data analysis, it should be a goal based website, to analyze the data, it will be targeted, but also have outstanding effect, below, we in the Baidu statistics and novice webmaster share how to do web site statistics.

Baidu statistics Baidu launched a free professional web analytics tools, any web site can install Baidu according to the relevant statistics, the webmaster can remind registered on this page, this page is easy to find, you can see the Baidu Baidu search statistics.


Baidu statistics mainly include traffic, sources, websites and >