Don’t work for your website


did Internet work, playing online at home was mostly playing games. After the Internet work, network promotion has become my biggest hobby, and sometimes I feel fascinated by the promotion of the Internet, just like I played online games before. But to play online games is to spend money, do network promotion is able to earn money.

because of this mentality, for a long time to do network promotion work, for me, like playing games is playing. Work is play, play is work. For a long time, I took this sentence as my motto, as if this sentence is also original. But really want to keep this mentality is not easy, I do Internet work almost 4 years, there is a small station, I feel the operation is not bad, if you really keep this state, it may be 2 years time. Or nearly 2 years of work, is to work and work.

used to do the site promotion, every day I will remember the outside promotion forum posts to go to sleep again only once before going to bed. Later, when the peanut business promotion, at 12 o’clock in the morning, I will pay attention to the flow of products, and suddenly what good ideas and suggestions, immediately send mail to the leadership. Most of the time I don’t feel like I’m working for the company, but for myself. I like to see the value behind the work. Many people do their jobs, especially those who are new to the job. They often see only superficial things. They can’t do their work with their heart and soul.

remembers once with a SNS operation (business blog) of the little girl to participate in an Internet FB gathering, I took her at the event to change a lot of business cards. Give her advice, go back to these people send a mail, in the mail content and introduce yourself, say hello, take the opportunity to find the topic, invite these are do IT work target user group to her company’s SNS website play. When she finished, I asked her if she thought it was meaningful, and she probably didn’t think many people would sign up, and it didn’t make sense. I later told her, "for you, the ultimate point is not how many people are pulling in for the company’s Web site.". It’s what you get in the way you do it. That’s what other people say. It’s not the result, it’s the process. You don’t do it, and you don’t know how effective it is.

for her, what really makes sense, or is valuable, should be the following.

1: collect a group of Internet practitioners information, later on standby.

2: through the mass mail like this, I know, through such promotion, in the end there is no effect?. A good promotional experience.

3: the leader knows, will feel she is a brains, will take the initiative to do new things.

4: pull in some new users for the company’s Web site (which is minimal to her)

I treat my every network promotion work, is such to see. Do >