How do you get a startup to get 40 million Web pages

[Abstract] always provides journalists with valuable content they need or what they think is interesting.

TNW Chinese station reported on February 22nd

when you’ve finished writing your website code and putting it on the line, your company is ready to show the world, but no one is interested.

perhaps, your site will be in the first hour after the on-line registration amount of hundreds of people, this is because you held a press conference and invite the media to celebrate the establishment of the company has written several articles. In the first month, you may contact more media for publicity, and your company’s web page views may reach 1 million times.


isn’t that difficult? Of course it’s hard. But you can still do it. You don’t have to hire a PR company to help you achieve that goal. I did it.

I’ve been in public relations for 6 years myself, drawing nearly 1300 promotional articles for my website. More recently, I have just made a start-up by Google (micro-blog) 2 years after the creation of the media.

I tell you I do this before, I want you to remember one thing: no matter when you make contact with the media, remember to provide precious content associated with journalists pay attention to them.

has increased web browsing from zero to 40 million times in a month,

I just joined Polar, we are developing a stunning view sharing application. After getting Apple’s approval, the problem we face is, of course, no user.


my initial idea was to combine surveys with live news news. We should have our survey in every real-time news message, which can attract traffic for our investigation and let people download our application.

so I asked myself, "how can I get in touch with journalists? Why do they respond to me and look at my research? Are they really valuable to journalists?"

I think I’m looking for some real-time news reports, trying to do a survey, and then ask the reporter to embed the research in the article so that readers can express their views on the topic discussed.

before you contact a journalist, you should ask yourself: why would journalists like to embed my research in


then answer the question honestly: the survey allows more readers to express their opinions and pay attention to what the journalists are reporting.

, this is what I was trying to do and try to get journalists to accept the hypothesis that our survey can improve readers’