Experience summary picture station operators should pay attention to what

has always been, the picture station is the first choice of many grassroots webmaster, after all, compared to the content, the picture itself is more attractive, and publicity and promotion up, the efficiency will be higher. But the picture stands the intensity of competition in the industry is obvious to people, some hot words ranking is basically in a small Webmaster Station occupied, you want to succeed, the difficulty as can be imagined.

and the pictures of the station operation, some friends did not do a good job of thought, thought oneself do beauty picture stand, when the time comes to mop.com or WeChat on Tianya, do some publicity, traffic will brush to. But do webmaster will understand that it is not so simple, the picture stands up, need more marketing measures, relying on the pure beauty picture is difficult to attract more users, then in the picture station operation, what kind of problems we need to pay attention to


one, the picture station does not mean to do it. When you look at other people’s ability to make money in just 1 hours a day, you have to think about the effort behind them. Pictures of station operation pretty hard up at midnight to update the chain does not say, but also a variety of registered Ma3 jia3 to do marketing forum, to write text, and these are a must, now is a marketing era, don’t think you a few seductive picture can bind the user, the Internet so many resources, see who is not, so do website is very important method to increase the exposure rate.

second, the picture station operation is quite boring, must have the will. Perhaps the visitors think picture stand, daily contact with some beautiful things, is the visual impact, is a kind of enjoyment, but it is the reader’s mind, who can think of mining picture station resources is a painful process, we need to look at the pictures, constantly classification, constantly screening, but also describe some text, this kind of work a day for two days, long to do is a kind of mental suffering to want to do so, picture stand, is a great perseverance and execution.

third, the picture station operations need a little more thinking. Not all of the pictures station must use a fixed template, if you need your picture stand a little more interactive, then the architecture of CMS is quite good, needs a photo station more keywords ranking, then use blog better management, more prone to effect. These are for grassroots AdSense for, after all, our energy is limited, we need to pay attention to some key strategies. This is the choice of the program, and everyone in the marketing, and try to refine their own people, male or female, age, social level how to do the investigation, otherwise it will increase our cost in marketing.

4, the foundation is necessary. Now the material and template is very much, some white webmaster can also rely on Internet resources to achieve the zero base station, but I want to say if you want to stand in the picture this long walk more, then grasp the relevant website technology is very important. Because the picture station itself content is less, >