For the future vehement Shandong 99 car line for two weeks

in the blink of an eye, the Shandong 99 automotive network has been on the line for two weeks.

started once go some detours, but because of the 99 Weihai auto website long time Takeshi pointing, it didn’t much stubble, coming just downstream I wish you a happy voyage., from Baidu search results, search the Shandong automobile network has row to the third page, Baidu included page also has more than 150 basically, reached the expected takeshi. Follow the trend of hair show, I believe that the future of Shandong 99 automotive network will not let us down.

these two weeks, mainly done the following points:

1, release information. Get up at about five every morning, including about thirty articles. In the publication of the article, pay attention to appropriate editing and collation of the article, in order to facilitate the search engine included;

2, included in the automotive industry members. Over the past few days, a total of more than 60 car dealers in Qingdao, Yantai and other places have been collected. They have made a whole understanding of the automobile sales industry in the Shandong peninsula area.

3, the establishment of Shandong 99 automotive network blog, so as to promote the website. I registered the Shandong 99 car network blog in Sina, Sohu, NetEase, Alibaba and other large sites, a day from the 99 car network blog, every weekend published an article, Shandong Automotive Network 99 weekend spectacle, a week will make a wonderful article links, so as to attract more people to Shandong 99 car network, thereby increasing site traffic. At present, the daily traffic of the website is IP in five hundred or so.

4, registered Baidu member. I opened the Shandong 99 car network Baidu space, and through the Baidu post bar, know, Wikipedia and other tools to promote the site, at present, the effect is not too obvious. I don’t know if I’m doing the wrong thing or because it’s too short. A5 saw some use of Baidu to promote the site of the article, still no clear prospect. There is hope that the prawns generous with your criticism;

5, found two very helpful websites to promote the website, our A5 still has the famous Tianya community. According to my observation, I found A5’s article reprint rate is very high, an article published here, two or three hours after the search, many web sites are in the school will see the horizon trace; probably because of a very large flow of people, Baidu attaches great importance to the day published in career things. Dozens of minutes later you can use Baidu to search out, very magical;


6, and Xiao Wu’s communication, basically clear the development planning of the 99 car network. First of all, we should ensure that the website quality and popularity and visibility, on this basis, we focus on the Shandong market, is the headquarters of Weihai, Qingdao, Yantai, to expand Ji’nan, Weifang and other regions of the business, so as to achieve to blossom everywhere. Now, the 99 car network has basically done Weihai first, JiNan Railway Station and QingDao Railway Station have also been on the line, the Shandong terminus is also in