Do film and television website still have future

recently to concentrate on doing their own free online video website: the music network (, Xinlimeidi, also do not know to do the film and television website has no future.

read an article on the Internet, the website of one hundred thousand IP film on a seizure of the National Copyright Administration for alleged infringement, although the webmaster and not according to the requirements to the survey (still in the outside, but the two run away in) the value of thirty thousand yuan or so the server has been confiscated. Regret, to circumvent the problem especially would like to talk about the movie station copyright.

previously seen a movie station copyright circumvention techniques, with particular reference to the three points: first, to adjust the film clicks; second, leaving the most commonly used contact a prominent position on the website; third, break up the whole into parts. These three points are mainly preventive in advance. I yesterday on the sea and online television network traffic partnership station carried out a thoroughly, found that 76% stations did not do the above three points.

what if you really checked out a movie? First, make sure you’re doing free movies instead of paying for it. It’s not for profit. This is very important, and free charges relating to the nature of the problem; secondly, based on the adjusted number of clicks on its website shows that the film is only a few people watch, the range of influence is small; thirdly, to confirm his statement in the copyright infringement after receiving immediately removed the movie. Grasp these three points after the bottom line, generally can be big, small, small row.

also deserves to be reminded that the movie stealing potatoes and Youku resources is also copyright infringement. Although the resources are not on your own, but the user is in your station to see the film, that is to say, you also spread the film to the public, should be liable for infringement. So, if you do not stop the local film but post movie, also should pay attention to copyright issues.