Friends stop doing garbage stations

do you still stand today? We have already done a lot of garbage, garbage station can give you for a short time to bring a lot of benefits, but after the past time? Dumpster contracted engine K, being scolded, I think we do not want to do a lifetime of garbage station right? Did you do today station (RCPs)


do you still stand today, one day a station, I once heard of a man with more than 1000 stations, cattle ah, update 30 words a day a station to a station to update once, is it all collected? But even if the acquisition program is running time ah, do not know how he is doing, not to.

garbage station has no future, and really no future, everyone in the fine, practical, professional station. More stations, and things are not worth it, so we have to go our own way, develop their own station. I don’t know what all stations choose, I choose the industry – Luqiao China station material equipment network ( Chinese Luqiao network Luqiao materials and equipment materials and equipment of the B2B platform, walking the fine line, on the website of news, no collector. Take the use of the line, the site’s supply and demand for the project side of their own release. We specialize in the science and technology in Luqiao, and have the guidance of specialized personnel who understand the science and technology of Luqiao.

In fact,

network this thing is very wonderful, you see, now what they cannot do without the network, even if we do not understand this industry industry, we can also find people, to understand the people in this industry take a certain position to them on the web. In this way, we get the help of a professional without paying any money.

then everyone’s professional industry station will be realized.


utility is actually very simple, don’t do what the online survey, not many people in this industry, we have to do is stand, then we in front of the industry users can, other users do not bother, because they do not understand the industry, do according to their meaning, also 1-2 IP, but if the professionals are, at least they will one day come, so we

do the math will know, finally we wrote a sentence, for users to do