Baidu included is not difficult rookie published experience


stayed in the Internet Co for half a year, there were very few contacts. So I recently took over the company ` rookie server, try to do a website. Domain name registration in September, the previous registration on the line, on the friend space. The program is unsightly and the work is busy and it falls.

now suddenly want to start, think of it, Baidu included under the domain name, TMD, host closed, that also included ` ` ` ` I sweat! And two site articles, and a host closed; I do not know what it is. Should that space be transferred to someone else?. Did not release URL, nor on Baidu submitted, Baidu own included. Now, it’s easy to include something.

November 5th website modified program on-line, submitted to Baidu. Just wait for Baidu update, from the domain name registration, good station to space transfer, and to today, have stopped for two or three months, update again, don’t know how long it will take. So I submitted to the search engine, these days in the online release of BBS in bolg, made some links. Also send the website title directly. Send N at once…… There is still a lot of other effects, are included, did not update down a few months, should slow down a bit, today use Baidu Search, actually updated, the host did not shut down, or included two articles.

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,, 29K, 2008-11-7 – Baidu snapshot

Yangzhou today – fireworks, March, Yangzhou,

today Yangzhou fireworks next March Yangzhou domestic news Yangzhou news! Home label has a long history of tourist attractions delicacy education culture health bath garden Tag: summer | < | 1 | 2 preview mode: ordinary summer diet health | list Author: Gujun date: 2008-06-02 1, do not buy food spoilage, unclean Tag= and & a; Gan?… 17K 2008-10-20 –

Baidu snapshot

Baidu included a web site other also easy to send URL OK, perhaps is luck! My previous road station is also good included more than 20000, has not bought the chain PR to 4. Before the keyword also ranked Baidu No. 234, now there is no day