2 years of personal views on corporate website marketing

I have been doing business website marketing for more than 2 years, of which services have been printing plants, parking locks manufacturers, car washing cars, chemicals, building materials, education and many other fields. Network marketing for the traditional enterprise, the author found that most novice still stays in the primary stage of how to build websites, how to optimize the key words, the author to talk about their own in the past 2 years, personal experience and opinion on the enterprise network marketing.

1, establish relative advantage, pull big and opponent distance

every successful business has a variety of success factors. Selling products on the Internet, because numerous channels of information overload, and the price is relatively transparent, often suffer the price war situation. I have served a parking stall, OEM enterprises to carry out network marketing, out of 2 years of losses, is to rely on its relative advantages.


is OEM brand, not their own production, and only one area of less than 50 square meters of warehouse, in the face of many competitors, the car parking lock manufacturers in various channels across different levels of the sniper.

, A, search engine portal,

on Baidu for advertising and advertising network alliance, because competitors are manufacturers, product strength, low price, professional team. The author of the company parking locks to sell 100 profit, but competitors as long as the sale of 80 yuan will be profitable. Therefore, competitors in the ad campaign, the author will be crushed to death. So the company stopped bidding.

SEO, although the company’s main keyword parking locks ranked in the search engine home page, but there are 8 pre bid advertising, plus some manufacturers website pincer attack, the amount of visits per day is also very poor.

B, Taobao platform

Taobao online, a few competitors opened a Tmall shop, firmly monopoly Taobao natural search home top 6. Secondly, these manufacturers also developed a large number of Taobao distribution individual shopkeeper, unified delivery from the manufacturer, and its product prices and the company is almost the same. But, the author Taobao shop customer base from the southwest to shrink to Chongqing. And search Chongqing parking locks, or Chongqing local users, each month only a handful of transactions.

, as a OEM enterprise, neither price advantage nor channel advantage, how to break through the sustained loss of enterprises? Later, the company found that the company can provide the Chongqing area, Chengdu area lock installation services. Thus, in the website, Taobao on the flagship of this advantage, providing Chongqing parking lock delivery, installation, replacement and maintenance services. Sure enough, this relative advantage suddenly made the company’s customers in Chongqing, Chengdu greatly increased, and quickly turned around in 1 months.

2, stand aside risk diversification, special farming channels to establish advantages

, A, stand by,

the author’s strategy in the search engine portal is based on SEM, supplemented by seo. Because a lot of industry, its main keywords hundred