How to set up 10 days in row Google home third

first statement: the pure, absolutely no pride! I hope you look at Laoniao content easy to laugh, do not Paizhuan!

said the Taobao knowledge forum is shopping guide to the station, we now search Taobao knowledge forum, search out the address is instead of the address, because the first time out of the time did not want to do it alone, and originally wanted to Xiaodaxiaonao to their website with a the affiliated forum, then more and more new friends to ask questions, I suddenly realized China development of electronic commerce in the nature will have everyone to learn and understand, and this process has a lot of problems can not be timely reply; for example community the largest China C2C in electronic commerce, should be the most authoritative the official, but each plate have long Bangui, motionless to delete, silver was too much permanent Cannot send the letter and the post and to others in the blog, the influence for Taobao and its members cannot join us after serious, including organizations such as


so I have the idea of making the forum a professional Taobao knowledge forum,

!You can go to see the

logo now click on the forum at the bottom of the 51, in the display or shopping community, rather than knowledge of Taobao Forum; really determined to do the professional knowledge of Taobao forum is only 7, 8 days


do I go to register to determine the and of the domain name, the registration time is 4 days ago, because before the domain name is registered for the guest Taoke and net is the Amoy net, so after a good location immediately registered a domain name, in this period of time I sign in Ali mother plus Taobao knowledge forum and banner, the effect is really good, I can bring more than 100 IP every day, and I have a lot of knowledge in full, with new friends to ask me to answer quickly, a few days time, has 10 number of loyal members, every day, one of the highest is the sixteenth time to visit this site to see in the statistics department, let me really excited about


because I was very active in the Taobao community and Ali mother community, there are a lot of friends stand, so get your help and support each other for some links, including PR3 and PR2, together with their own station also make links every day popularity is rising into today! Google search found the four words of my knowledge in Taobao ranking page fourth, in front of three are Taobao’s own links, PR is 7, and they are authentic, so I’m really happy one, when I look at the evening has risen to third, there are a lot of Taobao chain. Their net under me