Late at night pay for the first time

  I have been out of work for more than half a year, because the school is to learn the computer, so it is natural and website play dealings. Find out two jobs, are concerned with the site. In the site, SEO has more or less contact point, but every time I a station network, I found that I did not know what, there are too many webmasters master! So, I will talk about my trouble today, please master to help me out of ideas, I now see where the problem! To say thank you ~^_^


I really do now in a local travel website, the website has now completed 3-4 months, today I said SEO, now the site visits only a daily average of 50 to 60 IP, PV is not too large in the other, I think the site content can also be ~ why not! Look! Maybe, everyone is not the site! Oh, this is the name of the site I call it the students of Hunan tourism network, Hunan tourism students specialize in the premise of this one, there is a tourism company entity []!! ~ I engage in this station, also want to use this the site of the tourism industry in.

I have no less promotion, promotion, also made a lot of posts, then, because there is a real travel company, each company issued publicity materials to every school, every time is tens of thousands of copies of the information website is the website of the hanging, that no one can ignore! ~ ~ few of the students to see the ~~~


Oh, I do not particularly understand website, do not know where to put my foot in my mouth, I hope you understand! ~ ~ today, this post here, I hope you still in the egg at the same time, they give me two sweets! ~ help me see the students of Hunan tourism network, give me some advice! ~ 12, tonight is my first time to stationmaster net posts, so the title is called a " at night, the first time I pay ~" no pornographic meaning, just want you to focus on all of a sudden I