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in the network environment, what dirty mean people, dragons and fishes jumbled together, have, belong to the most BT is offering to sell their bodies you remit money to him he’ll cut a piece of meat in exchange for money or even see me


in fact, the Internet is everywhere is gold, but gold is often buried in the skull bottom, can really stand at the peak of the roar of the people since ancient times, and there are a few people? (this is how long the 1970- exploration of ancient


must have courage, courage is, is only by vision, plus some funds to start empty-handed, a few dollars E million millionaires can basically say is not, really is not a liar is unfair!

in this network, if a cheater wants to succeed, and he doesn’t have much money, he can only cheat. Of course, before he cheats, he is not a cheater. He only takes money from your pocket. He has money to go, Happy!


how to guard against being cheated? It is actually very simple, as long as you do not believe the sky will not fall pie, maybe now unfolds in front of you is a carrot, but you always can not eat, because the turnip has tied on the line, you only forever when you go, you are exhausted Bu cumin, because I have from you get a car and you just be a carrot! Me, clouds fluttering, fluttering fog while a cruel reality! Of course, often fall down from the cloud is not lakes, nor is the ground, but hell


don’t believe what day earn tens of thousands of dollars, month earn a moon, because no one will casually pay out, money is to rely on labor to obtain, and not what opportunistic project!


is actually very simple to take training, and learn the liars tend to you can earn a few thousand dollars a day, even the knowledge of computers do not need to, as long as you a day relaxing operation for 2 hours, then NX nonsense, who do not want to? Who don’t want to hold money bimbette wonderful! You want to. But can let you count the money which people think, but I want to be in your pocket money!

if the day earn thousands, why not loan money to crooks ask somebody to help him operation project? Thousands of yuan a month to the workers who do? Work 10 hours a day that day not earn tens of thousands? 1 months later, please 100 people 1 days not earn millions of another? Month please not earn tens of millions of thousands of people? I think according to the feasibility of the project he why not? You know such a good grasp of printing money can no one is willing to share with you! In fact, crooks are often cheated you get some money is not practical, or exaggerated myth "results to you" when you can’t operate he would say you are not suitable for


of the people reading this maybe a lot of people know is a scam, but often when people are aware of is a scam, but look at the pseudo "evidence" liar do after the beginning of the heart, can not be said to be a liar high technology, can only say that crooks use greedy psychological


remember, the sky is >