Personal webmaster needs share communicate improve

China network development for more than ten years, personal Adsense play an indelible role. Now, individual stationmaster still acting as the main force of the Internet, China every day, every moment to see innovative personal webmaster or individual team on the network. This success is not their own exploration, not retreat research, but by reference, other webmasters communication and other modes of experience, and then combined with the technology innovation and their implementation.

, we need to communicate with individual webmaster, how to communicate,


first, if we are the webmaster of the local website, whether it is a talent website or classified information network. Nantong Adsense network recommended you do a good job of local web collection and classification, to find a representative site and webmaster, and then add their contact, try to contact with them. Whether it’s an exchange link or a face-to-face party exchange on your local website, if you want to do a good job on your local site, you have to work with other webmasters to listen to their ideas and see if there are any good references.

second, we are the head of the forum or by some Adsense method for web site operators to promote the sharing, we can find some ideas with stationmaster, we can pass the communication with them, learn their own shortcomings.

above two points, Nantong Adsense network believe that everyone can do, but how many people do it? We tend to appear the following phenomena:

first, the local master, each save one heart. We all spent a few days to do a local website, opinionated that operation and promotion of a few months may be local strongest when the bottleneck of communication with other people, when the exchange also hide, for fear of other people to do the same with you. In fact, such thinking is wrong, if you do not say, and you want to do the same local web site, they will do, and if they do not do, the back of the people will do. Local websites are versatile, and do not think that your talent network or classified information website is what new ideas, release hand to communicate, promote together, mutual improvement is the main.

second, live on their own. Many personal webmaster also receive this local enterprise website construction and website optimization list. There may be some conflict and competition in the business. Mutual pressure or destruction is common. Recently, itbulu has met two such people. It is not necessary in this way, the local market is great, don’t think the one or two together is your opponent you fear, if you really think so, you always do a little more, because after the competition, continue to have new people, new companies to snatch market you. If you don’t let go, communicate and improve, you end up being crushed to death by yourself.

, we need to share, communicate and improve, so that we can grow up. Nantong Adsense network is a share, improve the local webmaster exchange platform, we can through the platform webmaster release their website, share since