Website to share the experience of one year flow and money making methods


website for one year, has also earned some money, the maximum flow rate to more than 3000, the novice to do, just wanted to see the fun, then others earn money, so my mom alliance, although not much money, but money is very convenient. Also easy to apply for. Here and share with you, how to increase the flow of new sites to make money, the master please.

was the first to apply for a domain name, CN can, to long it is best for com, do not want the money, less smoke a few packs of cigarettes can be, then, to find the one you want to do website program, now a lot of CMS program, and then uploaded to the space, is often update your website, the website only a lot of useful content, and then the content optimization, because the content is too much, it is now a lot of radio, do not know to see which, for better content recommendation, like CCTV6 and the video network, people will look at first page of things more attractive people, but to have more variety, and others do not do, there must be some heat, the old classic things also have, content is king, with good content will flow. Repeat customers. After some time, slowly your site has several 100ip, and then is propaganda, with the content is not enough, propaganda is very important, the most simple method, is to the forum post, not recklessly advertising stickers, novices can easily to flow, so the effect is not good, hair, finally have a few 1000IP, remember not all of a sudden there is a lot of it to the time, the master at once how many tens of thousands of IP I don’t know, anyway, the novice, this is really the comparison method. Then put in an alliance ad. Write it today, and have time to talk to each other again.

station website: do qvod movie website, you can exchange links. Thank you,