Two ways to improve the loyalty of forum websites

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forums, often traffic is not able to determine the profitability of a website, but the user decision, so the user loyalty for BBS is particularly important, so how to improve the forums user loyalty?

first method: optimize forum function

1: show the user personality through several different functions, to registered users self display space, but also in the forum to provide members the opportunity to display their own, so you can regularly show a number of good user image on the home page, can open up a column of community in the first page of information aggregation for example, the new registration and so on, but also improve the various activities of the forum management, because the main function is to interact, if there is no good interaction there is no way to retain users, so these interactive management is very important, these activities should be able to manage

after him!

2: the main function of many forums are mainly in the game, it is relatively simple, so the construction of some practical functions in the community which section is very necessary, such as the release of your information, publishing group purchase information, car information, rental information and so on, so that we can get some help to in your forum! Also regularly publish some practical classification information, such as a Hot pot shop is better? Where are the clothes sold cheaper? These articles also have some The more, the better.! Discussion forum, so that we can speak freely here, even for a city to make friends here! Naturally attracted to a lot of loyal users of


second methods: forum system architecture optimization,

The system mainly uses the

of any SNS community for the majority of CQ6 or SNS system, mainly in the BBS+ blog as the basic framework, this framework has been recognized by the user, but for the management of the background but often makes a lot of people have a headache, especially the database of this one, so many places are blocked the function of the website expansion, so in the foreground and background, for the expansion of integrated information system (MIS) module and customer relation management (CRM), it is very necessary. This is also the main direction of optimization,


1: expand the CRM module

this is necessary, because the user is the life cycle, the general network period, growth period, stabilizer, recession, and users from the network! Has the same value degree, have high value users, there are mid-range and low-end users, as community managers must clear their users today how many of the new network, how many in the growth period, the number of users in a recession! Also have different preferences, then according to the user’s life cycle, value judgment and feature judgment difference design, through the CRM module to expand to provide service for the user can improve the natural! The loyalty of


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