Some people say that the best optimization is not optimized

began to do stand, is from 08 years in November started! When do not stand this concept, there is no SEO this thing! Then slowly contact, SEO this thing more to let me move, let me excited! As a result, the next 1, 2 weeks, every day to see the SEO article, watch the video, do the test! Slowly, feel it is necessary, and then launched a new station,

station game!

updated every day, find the connection, line density, keywords layout, according to the experience of users to modify the template! Finally in December, PR0 to PR3, then felt quite successful! Since PR up to 3, obviously feeling words slowly climb! A keyword is cooking small another key is the game, small game, cooking game, looking at it from the Baidu home page eighth to seventh to second later! Every time Baidu update, his heart is very exciting! Don’t know oneself is lucky, or they seem to optimization is in place! This station, less than 2 months, there is more than 5000 IP, the feeling of that time, needless to say! But first


09.1-09.2 this period of time, the flow has been hovering at more than 5000-6000, so that they are very depressed, but every day efforts failed to achieve results. So, ready to start from the game, of course, I also know that the word "small game" is very bad to do, but I still did not give up, and finally in 09. In March, the small game ranked in Baidu’s eighth, hey hey, when the excitement simply can not sleep, the average day IP13000-15000, feel good cool, friends know, I am too sick,


just lasted for a happy, exciting time, a record of things, let me suddenly from heaven to hell! No record, stand off for 4 days, the SITE, no DOMIAN, I know to stand off! So downhearted, the station take the program back, threw on the network a friend to! They dont mind to get in the station, also feel very boring! But I did not quit doing station this idea quit the job, he rented a server, bought 5 of the domain name, all for


have a new start, get 5 stations, 5 stations have said, a person can not manage, do not eat, don’t just like this, one day did not stop and reverse connection, update the station, too cumbersome, too tired but I will insist!! say so much nonsense, now say that the more meaningless, hey. If a new station is ready, you are going to do it, and I think I will do that.


1. would not have said, try not to use too hot word, after all, even if you have a new optimization and bad, to the very popular keywords get good rankings is very difficult, but not without, there are some very cattle B master can do, but I think.