Talking about the difference between DNS and DNS and the problem of Chinese domain name addressing

the past 10 years, the Chinese domain name Internet status, role, role of debate has not stopped. Here I would like to explain to you English domain (DNS) and the international domain name system (IDNs) the difference about the second international domain name (IDNs) standardization process system, finally explain the objective Chinese familiar with the domain name addressing topics.

English domain name and internationalization domain name system difference

since the Internet, distributed network needs a location (network number) to make man-machine conversation when find information storage, which is the "network addressing" are read.

is the earliest distributed network computer but information transmission protocol (ie the digital information in the format document delivery process remote transceiver) with 4 sets of figures (for example: Beijing an IP address) IP address expression. Since the commercialization of the Internet, in order to facilitate trade addressing, engineers have finally invented the English alphabet, Arabia digital plus "-" characters, such as network English domain name system.

in the final analysis, the Internet was invented by an English national engineer. The purpose of establishing network addressing is to facilitate the sharing of information on the internet. When setting up this addressing system, engineers had no political or cultural discrimination at all. Of course, people do not specialize in writing code for non English speaking countries. This is the history of the internet.

non English speaking countries for access to the Internet, of course, is the national invention of Internet applications. China this history, you can search the Internet about academician Hu Qiheng, Qian Hualin teachers, experts of these years to the media about the history, I have a chance to hear their stories in some meetings and interview them alone.

said that a topic is to want to tell you that an objective read: no complete internet addressing are designed for the so-called China internet addressing such a thing, because the Internet China must follow the internationalization and international standard Internet Interworking with the three principles, so as not to fall into the "Chinese IPv9" as the narrow nationalism the concept of IT and mislead the public. This is also the Ministry of industry has consistently advocated the national internet addressing industry development principles and policies.

well, English domain name and domain name system is what international and what difference? The world’s first native language domain name should be regarded as non English Japan, in early 2007, nearly 1 million of Japan’s registered domain name, the domain name is the Japanese accounted for 60%, while in 2002 the ICANN (ICANN) held in Shanghai the meeting, I interviewed JPNIC responsible for the Japanese engineers to register the domain name. He explained: Japanese more love with the Japanese name, but was responsible for the global Internet technology standard open organization IETF has just passed by China CDNC (domain name Chinese Coordination Group) submitted a "Chinese domain" solutions. >