Reasonable cost make your website a new look

webmaster in order to enhance the popularity of the site, everyone wants to make their website in visual and functional new look: LOGO more eye-catching, web page is more beautiful, more stable program. So that your customers experience more comfortable and natural, it is easier to make profits through the website. Individual stationmaster besides originality, more it is the employee that lacks originality to be able to realize. As employees can not afford a high salary, the development of the site is slow, and gradually no one is interested, and the profit is out of the question.

actually is not so bad, the friends of the site for more than a year, his website LOGO recently redesigned, the code is almost completely rewritten, the interface function has take on an altogether new aspect, a qualitative leap, but he only spent 2600 yuan. How did you do that,


how did he spend the 2600 yuan,



, who took advantage of online work, launched three tasks in mission China: collecting web sites, LOGO, web artists, and program development. Of which 300 yuan for LOGO, there are 51 individual design results are given; 800 yuan collection of web art, there are 33 individuals to make different plans; 1500 yuan for program development, from the 21 who chose a person responsible for the development and provide Follow-Up Services for 1 years.

I didn’t believe it at first. Until he sent me the task link address, I found out that work can be done by online employees. What’s the inspiration from this? Are you also trying to update your website,


what does your website need to be replaced?

1: website LOGO creative promotion, need to change?. The highest exposure to a website is his LOGO, and if members are not able to remember your website address via LOGO, you can consider replacing them.

two: web art optimization. The image of a web site is its pages, and if you don’t have enough pages to make your members comfortable and natural, consider redesigning a comfortable page.

three: adding new features. If you have a good idea, plan quickly and find someone to do it. Put it into action immediately.

who’s going to help you with your website replacement,


now has a number of online work platforms that bring together many excellent design and program class workers. The author here recommended that you go to task China (, the task of China is the current domestic security professional online job trading platform, the ability of workers stronger.

for the webmaster, for the first time to task, China online hire employees may not be familiar with the operation, the author on Witkey task, bidding task, quick task and three trading way to tell you how >