The head of operations teaches you how to analyze competitors’ websites for 3 minutes

web site supervisor for so many years has been responsible for each enterprise website operation, handling of the site is not in the minority, from small to large enterprise portal, and the mall site, cannot do without the analysis, one of the most important and the most important is to analyze the competitor’s website, a cloud of war "Zhiyizhibi, baizhanbudai" as the supervisor must know how to analyze competitor’s website, and as to promoted to director you must know how to analyze competitor’s website. OK, dry starts,


1, the use of whois query competitors domain name information

whois is a familiar and unfamiliar way of querying, and many SEOER have probably used it, but most people don’t think they have any eggs. In fact, the use of whios can easily query the competition domain, so as to clearly analyze his domain name registration time and the related knowledge of history, if the other party is a new domain, we should take what way to optimize your web site, if the other side is high weight old domain name, we also changed how to adjust the strategy, the is learning.

2, check each other’s website regularly,

Check the other site included in

are generally not a problem, can through the webmaster tools to check each other’s domain name check, also can through the Baidu site to check, but these are only estimates, the most accurate view or in Baidu Webmaster Tools background, but this is not possible, unless the other person is responsible for your website company undercover! If we finish analyzing competitors website and update the situation, we have to respond earlier than the other, the action to be fast, this is the only chance to exceed it, diligence will never become obsolete


3, learn to check each other’s Web site, the chain, the chain


chain is more and more attention to Baidu, but the price is very high, because only your own web site, and the chain is not removed, so we add good inside chain can greatly enhance the weight of their own website, I also often uses this technique when a web site operator. See the other side of the chain layout is roughly know each other’s SEO is responsible for any level, I will be targeted to adjust the specific adjustment method, I will talk about in the second section, to advance understanding of the first concern of Taiyuan SEO learning network. The chain, although Baidu has not been paying attention, but like A5, the quality of the chain or the need to do so, see the chain layout of each other, they can also reflect in what grade, Chairman Mao said "strategy to despise the enemy, tactical importance to the enemy".

4, analysis of the original content of each other website content

Baidu, the original to the high weight is already the iron general fact, but as enterprise station whether can always write original article, is still the industry debate topic. Analyzing the original content of a competitor’s website becomes a very important and necessary job, if the other party is almost