Webmaster friend can your website be closed

your site can be turned off, if you are a webmaster or planner, you will follow my ideas, think for 5 minutes, if not closed, there is a little good to you, because these are the epitome of my years see example.

why should I write this subject,


today met 3 Webmaster: a webmaster, will run hard 2 years of site 2000 sold; a webmaster, flow from 2 10 thousand years ago, is now 100; there is a webmaster are still struggling to support the next two years can not see hope in the market are everywhere on the site.

the reason why your website has to be shut down immediately is

1) you’re running an illegal website, and if you don’t want your youth to go to jail, you continue to drive your sex web site.

2) your website deals with politics and some personal or small company privileges. Please turn it off right away. It’s the best choice for you.

3) your web business to cheat marketing shopping, immediately shut down, cheat money is not warm, you have been on the estimation, do not hold on a rich network, do not hold expectations for the temptation of the network.

the reason why your website has to be shut down is

1) you’re doing useless work on the web. Do site, site navigation, hao123, 265 times already in the past, if you do not have sufficient resources to do before 200 website, you still sell more advertising than navigation comes true; do not download software, you no longer have the advantages of searching, you prepare what to promote your website and you, to flow, just past will not come again as trassient as a fleeting cloud, because large, has been great, we missed the time now; don’t do music and movies, unless you have enough server and just want to earn a little money to the idea; don’t do the comprehensive portal type website, Yahoo do not go on, we believe it is difficult to root; the blog or give up, now the blog has become someone else’s tool, if you just for your own pictures, can also be Set up some traditional personal website model, there is no chance of nuggets. To survive, even among themselves.

2) you can’t see the road to the website can also be closed. You even can not see the money, what way (if you can find a way to relax the savings greatly, the website popularity outside) do not have the money flow can be a theory of fantasy, the flow is to make money, but your cumulative flow process than money consumption is greater than, or to give up for good.

3) can not see the future of the site can also be closed. Not to capture technology, to a pirate interested, also give up the illusion of the SEO, you may be a short period of time can earn enough to live comfortably, how to go after the road, a website, you can not see after 2 years of development, or the first.