The conflict between UChome and DZ Forum

because of the emergence of UCH, so that everyone can SNS, but also makes everyone talking about SNS. IT teahouse has also gone with the flow to build a UCH platform, just released when really exciting. Personally think that to build such a platform is very suitable for a small circle, like IT teahouse a regional IT industry circle the most suitable, but encountered a lot of problems in the building process, found that UCH and DZ are now the natural conflict, but the conflict is not the program for users of the conflict.

1., the traditional DZ forum is a big square, like the lively people will play very open. Everyone in the discussion, the water inside be in full swing, make impromptu comic gestures and ramarks. Just like the Tianfu Square in the earthquake, there were people everywhere, because the same experience made everyone strange and familiar with each other. They often gathered together in 3 or 5 groups to discuss the topic of earthquake. This discussion is very difficult to know the true friend, is nothing more than to pass the time and show their knowledge of, if you want to in this square know a friend or partner search is very difficult, so we will find the forum into a vent and boring time, and the global forum every day because each site went over to talk, slowly will meet some people formed a small circle, the mature new forum is very difficult to integrate, only as an advertising platform and vent platform;


2.UCH model to solve the problem, you want to know who is the first with his friend, give him a message about his dynamic, so soon you will be familiar with, so only in the IT industry, PR BD, was ordered to global public relations 5GSNS. Especially in the embryonic development period of the IT industry in Sichuan, the most need is not to pass the time and vent, but looking for partners, understand the industry dynamics has obtained the successful experience of others, so I understand the use of UCH IT is very suitable for tea;

It was discovered that the

3. in use for such a web start-up, faced with a choice, is to promote the SNS community and DZ forum, the two platforms UCH1.2 and DZ6.1 now feels like a completely independent, although the general user but need to activate, and the function is the same, but for the start-up of the site must be to the user’s attention is focused on a point;

4. after a period of practice, and ultimately determine the focus of the development strategy of the forum, because the way SNS is too new, the user is more difficult to accept. The forum form from the Internet that day there, the user is very hot Oh that started after registration, would know what to do, and the initial popularity is not high, they need to play to the square to know each other.

5.UCH because of the individual as the center, released only friends, the coverage is relatively narrow, so there must be a basis for a large number of registered users, this is a big challenge to the operators, the operation difficulty is much higher than the general forum, not personal webmaster can achieve. At the same time, from function, mini blog and >