Let each article be valuable An article 800P is not a problem

network promotion is no stranger to do SEO people, is nothing more than just get a paper with the chain around the post, but look back a look, these posts bring much traffic to you, these posts whether there is value? I think most of the people are for the chain to do. Did not want to bring the number of IP through the promotion chain. But in a word, often network promotion, network hype brings IP traffic is the most. Below I say my promotion experience, to share with you, I hope all of you help.

first, the title of the article, many people see this is the first to reflect the same, ah, is not what the long tail word? Boring! Wrong, I said here that the title is not to say what what keywords, but how you this provocative title, how to seize the most popular news to do this the word, how people looked to point. In fact, many of our predecessors in this respect is very good, for example, yesterday I was in Baidu’s "meat Futon" Post Bar made a post called "meat Futon live version, hot, hot", issued by the post one day brought 800 IP, of course, for now to say a lot of Post Bar management Post Bar don’t let me send a link, this article did not add links, just add in the end, the meat Futon live version where characters long, Baidu search "hospital web site" into the future you will understand. I do not say much, these words are written, a lot of people want to enter Feifei will point in, so that traffic will come.

secondly, illustrations, pictures have a regulatory role for people’s aesthetic fatigue, imagine a person to see a long article if a picture is not not look very upset, so there must be the promotion of Cato, guide the user end into your website, such as erotic meat you can send a futon meat Futon photos (not illegal oh), then the following can add more, and so on, so there will be a lot of people see the map to your site after


is a key step, how to promote the work, we all know now basically can promote and large flow of forum ah, ah Post Bar do not let the link, but there is one thing you ignore, Baidu Post Bar can send Baidu space links, Sina forum can send Sina blog the link, Tianya can send the blog links, and these blog space and add links to our own, this is not a reflection of how to use the chain, I don’t think I have to say, I was in Baidu space in a series of meat Futon as bait and then a little bit. Add my own links, then this article address sent to Baidu Post Bar to remember is not speculation, speculation spread.

concluded that the best promotion is speculation, the best of the chain is the chain out of a bunch of people, Baidu spider climb over only to give you a little weight or give you a snapshot, long promotional hype even if you are not included in the search engine, I think you IP "