How to improve the availability of your site

international magazine shows that people’s online reading habits are totally different from their usual reading habits.

what does this sentence mean to you? Why do we need to pay attention to this aspect,


visitors are usually quick to browse your site in a very random state. They are eager to get real, useful, and valuable information. So, can you promise to satisfy them,


if they don’t get the needed information in time, then they will leave your website. This means that your website has lost its selling point and that visitors will no longer participate in any activities organized by your website.

don’t worry, the following 3 tips will help you. It will let you provide the information you need for your visitors and point out ways to improve the usability of your site.

1. concise text description

your writing must focus on one subject, which allows visitors to quickly access subject information and central ideas.

, for example, take a look at the following article:

"in today’s market, many people tend to become omnipresent advertising, they naturally boasted, most of them will bring benefits to the visitors to commercial website. This causes visitors to have a "web language phobia" that will not hesitate to click on the "return" button and even leave the site immediately."

, can we change the presentation of the passage above:


"today, more and more visitors are terrified of overwhelming market advertising, so the immediate result is that they will say goodbye to the site."."

look at the above paragraph. Does it mean the same meaning as the previous paragraph, and it improves the browsing speed,


so, can you also look at the long story on your home page and think about how to make these articles so concise that visitors can read them?. Here’s a practical way to try to describe a paragraph in 3-4 lines, and then write the next line in another line.

2. facilitates quick browsing of text

users generally don’t read text online. They are usually quick browsing.

therefore, short and eye-catching text should be used as far as possible. For example, you can separate important information from the page in the form of hyperlinks, which makes this important information very striking.

is also a very feasible way to represent a paragraph in the form of a list of priorities. Learn to add an emphasis on the front of your key phrase. Look at the following article:

"you will learn" >