gnorant insist on doing local industry station

Internet webmaster must satisfy a premise: have independent domain name website. Even though I knew nothing about technology, I was assigned to the station. My domain name and space were purchased in August 2007. In October, my "learning wave education network" was on the line. Fortunately, my website has been profitable for a month on the line. I’ll talk about my personal experience here.

in the first half of 2007, I’m still working for a gift company. The company’s model is to use the Internet to promote orders, and then discuss with customers, and continue to find manufacturers in the Internet, earn intermediate profits. Although the company is not much, but the monthly income is not low, and sales staff do not have to go out to run, business information, do promotion, customers are generally directly through the site can find us. While I’m at work, I also learn to understand the internet. Prepare my website plan. Early stage must have good planning: long-term goals and simple way of profit.

personal webmaster, energy and financial resources are limited, the Internet is so vast, and where to begin? I carefully analyzed the future of the Internet, personal feel industry promising, now I am in Chengdu, so I chose to do local industry stand. But my thinking is based on the local, looking forward to the world. Once this model has been successful locally, it will not be difficult to expand across the country. We personally feel that the advantages of the local industry website: familiar with the local market, you can use the combination of traditional industries, reality and virtual way to achieve profitable purposes.

personal webmaster, first of all interested in this industry, the reason is very simple, when we read a particular course of interest, then our course results are better. Doing the same thing, interest is critical. When I entered the industry, I felt I could learn a lot. Although I’m not familiar with the technology, I often ask friends or Baidu. Now I, in addition to updating the website promotion website, read the news, seems to have no other better hobby, half a year did not play the game, I’m not in what is more interested in the website, this hobby is I have today the result is one of the most subjective factors. Here, I hope all the webmaster, too, always full of interest.

personal webmaster, must have patience, to insist on. Although persistence does not necessarily win, but not insist, you will fail. Some people persist for months, half a year, or longer, without making money, they choose to give up. Indeed, who will focus on one thing in the absence of income? The website also needs to be invested, so find a way to make money for your website. My advice is to actively take the initiative to seek profits, the most simple is to do traffic to earn advertising fees or union, through the website to sell goods to earn middle difference, there is through for others to provide services for a fee, etc.. Ma Yun said, "today is cruel, tomorrow is cruel, the day after tomorrow is beautiful, but the vast majority of people die in the evening of tomorrow, and the sun is not the day after tomorrow."." Individual stationmaster insists, hold to, insist again, so you are 1