B2B website operation should pay attention to several problems content and promotion should be appro

in recent years, the development of B2B enterprises has become increasingly mature, more and more small and medium-sized enterprises engaged in the B2B industry, in the bloom season, it is also the most difficult to highlight when their own website, marketing has become the focus of the content of each B2B site can not be ignored, so, how to use the marketing website in order to Chang B2B site

talent shows itself?

and network based on their website and Nanzhao operating experience, to organize some B2B website operation precautions.

one, to cater to search engines, to avoid low quality


this one is suitable for almost all kinds of enterprises website, blindly for website content manufacturing but ignore the value of content, equivalent to all the time to search engine spam, a long time can not only improve the website, large range will make the website drop right, site traffic network world factory once greatly decreased, which had sounded the alarm for B2B operators.

according to relevant data, in all the B2B website that drops right, more than 95% are caused by rubbish content. The content of the website page of poor quality, low quality, both to the users and the search engine is rubbish, and when the search engine over reaction swallow too much garbage, will usher in the site will be a reign of terror.

two, product information supplied to maintain differentiation

B2B the content of the website is nothing more than two: product supply information and purchase information, which is the key to encourage more users to understand website, website information, perhaps many of my friends did not know, supply information and purchase information release when the same shall not cause the site to drop right, Nanzhao flowers network the idea is to make a difference in the supply of product information, once found the information is not perfect, or can not meet the needs of users, you must modify the supply of information at any time.

three, the site must have the appropriate marketing strategy

All flowers bloom together. is a kind of beauty, but only when the enterprise website in the flowers remain slim, unique personality can be profitable, so different from the simple B2C window display, B2B enterprise user first contact is the website content, so the importance of website on sales conversion has become a priority among priorities and we must provide all customers want in the website, and all details about the product purchase way, pricing, common problems and so on, the budget is also necessary to make some enterprises focus on promotion.

here we want to emphasize is about the enterprise advertisement effect, it can only be regarded as the brand investment, it never tries to advertising as a promotional tool, then I want to get all kinds of advertising sales, which is obviously some "quick" B2B corporate advertising to an immediate effect for direct sales volume is not. But do not underestimate the ability of transforming the subtle.