Business electronic mall collapse winter reflection on good project fallen

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mall collapsed, nearly 20 banks fell into the whirlpool of default payments. And consumers can not think of is, as a card no secret payment rights of contracted merchants, Beijing Electronic Information Technology Co., Ltd. is excellent in case there is no sign of suddenly announced the closure.

December 2007, the original digital electronic commerce business director Han Jitao started, he led a team of 20 people set up Beijing donglinanshan Information Technology Co. Ltd. in Beijing on the Longquan Lake Hotel, established in the same period the Beijing Electronic Information Technology Co., Ltd. is excellent, the camp’s credit card installment shopping platform "and shopping", just two years it has nearly 20 bank credit card installment mall third party operation qualification.

in 2008, and won the Gobi shopping capital US $10 million, and the rapid expansion. In the same year was also named as the "best business model" honorary title. Now, however, the company, which is so popular with the industry, suddenly closed down and left nearly 30 million yuan in debt, including 6 million yuan outstanding goods orders.

in recent years, the electricity supplier industry closed case is not uncommon. In 2012, the domestic well-known vertical electricity supplier website cool days, Yao point 100, cotton, after Matt and other electricity providers have closed down or restructuring. However, the reason and the collapse of the business model itself is the problem, or poor management? In this regard, the "daily economic news" reporter conducted a thorough investigation.

case: more than consumers money goods two empty

the evening of June 13th, engaged in the logistics industry in Guangzhou, Mr. Luo check the credit card bill in the Agricultural Bank website, see a price of 4057 yuan iPad-mini, want to buy the son of a tablet computer, then dialed 400 call. After a single order by telephone, Mr. Luo received a text message on the second day, informing him that he had drawn 400 yuan from the credit card.

but Mr. Rowe has been waiting for a week, and the goods haven’t arrived yet, and there is no notice. So he logged on to the Agricultural Bank’s website again and was surprised to find that there was no staging mall on the site. Mr. Luo called the bank to ask his bank in accordance with the order number query that his order is agency operations, electronic shopping mall ABC installment trading operation. In June 20th, ABC stopped the company ‘s staged shopping deal.

for such a strange situation, Mr. Luo through the Internet search found that the original online hundreds of people have similar experience with him, is through social tools, collective rights.

June 25th, Mr. Luo again to call the bank processing, agricultural bank staff replied: unfilled responsibility is the electronic mall, suggest consumers rights through legal means and ways to.

"as a bank, you guarantee the seller to receive the money, so too."