Competitor analysis of website optimization

the analysis of SEO data is essential whether it is a new site or a competitor research. Site analysis, all SEO is God in explanation, will say a word, but for site optimization personnel to enter the SEO industry for a short time, site analysis, is nothing more than the domain name in Webmaster tools, record some important parameters, such as PR, BR, and other data collection, this is really simple? Today, twenty-one aspects of Q pig analysis from the site data, explain how to analysis and optimization of a web site, for the next step of site planning, preparing data.

website analysis of the first article, domain name, age and website was included for the first time

analysis: the main observation is that the website exists on the Internet is long enough, if your competitors website domain name, have been more than 10 years, and the structure of the website, content has done a bit of optimization, so that the opponent is difficult to beat, at this time, can consider changing a number of key words, such as Q pig has just started to do is novel, but found that the competitor is too strong, the choice of key words of romantic novels, now Baidu search for pretty romantic novels, Q pigs have been at home.

website analysis second, website PR, Baidu weight (Reference), snapshot ALEXA

analysis: These are mainly to see the site, search engines in the performance of how?. What are the specific words optimized for competitors’ websites? What are the key words?.

website analysis third, Baidu included, Baidu related domain. Google included, Sogou included, Sogou anti chain

analysis: it is easy to understand, is mainly observed in the size of the site, if a web site included in the search engine in the millions, that his content has reached a very high level, within the industry, there are high barriers to competition. Check the website’s collection, the chain, you can clearly arrange the daily work, calculate how long later, there will be hope to catch up with him, and beyond.

website analysis of fourth, the amount included in the day, the amount collected in the month, the season included

analysis: look at the frequency of content updates, the role is the same as the third

website analysis fifth, TITLE, KEYWORD, description writing.

analysis: the search engine, Title is a microcosm of the contents of the whole page, the title can understand this article exactly what to say, optimization of the general observation web page title, optimization of reaction can be roughly the content of the whole website.

website analysis sixth, links check,

analysis: Although the recent Baidu has been combating the sale of friendship links, but it can not be denied that the high weight of links, for the promotion of the weight of the site has a considerable role.

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