Mad animal city success public number operations need to adhere to or change

really want to talk about the "crazy animal city", the adults see nature of racial discrimination, political struggle, people see the dream, the pursuit of youth; and never give up; see the joy of childhood, juvenile Meng Disney movie.

but we’re in Internet circles, the exquisite picture of the content and depth of feeling, taste, and full of positive energy, the story of liberty to carefully polished literary and art circles, we see is that the nutrition from it: the public number, you stand in the height of the ratio of them in the end what difference a promotion? Who you have far than clever marketing distance.

naturally said this "crazy animal city" that I was brought up for no reason. It was a really interesting movie with lots of profound content.

Judi rabbit in the face of the fox laughed at, Nick questioned her dream, in response to "do you think I’d make a failure to decide what I do to do what" (just the original idea, can not remember ah), similar to the movie "the pursuit of happyness", the male of his son said the same thing "don’t let somebody tell you you can’t do something, not even me (" don’t let anyone tell you what you do, I will not, "you get a dream), you have to protect it" (you must protect your dream), "people who can’t do something will tell you you can’t do something" (those who do not do people will tell you you can’t do it)…… In the end, Judi tells and affects Nick by fact, and you can; Chris also demonstrates the truth to his son.

but if Judi does not have Nick’s help, he does not have what he has to "win with wisdom"; Chris does not have that extraordinary mathematical ability…… By "you think you can do it", you can do it,


today’s "entrepreneur", the most no shortage of self-confidence is probably it, look at overbearing President Yu Jiawen (in addition to self-confidence, what else)…… If the success (relatively famous) public number and failure (being located in the earnings poor public number) make a comparison, the status is probably not only behind the success of many multi channels of information from the Internet, the most important thing is to the writing methods deeply loved by the user to grab the eye from the angle, and.

often does not improve between the media and the net red gap is in "a superficial reform" wrong soup, the same topic, content selection, design of happy heart playful, rather than dull as a success of the restrictions and fetters, "only" rule.

you see Ba son, PA Bohr Ben, look at the fellow, uncle Luo Ji >