How to avoid the operation of blogger blog the seven year itch

in the current network situation, how long is the lifetime of the unique blog? I think many people want to know the final answer. In fact, the current blog is very difficult to do, in addition to the content is difficult to adhere to, the dispersed reading groups, blog viscosity is the bottleneck of the development of blog. But in another way, if you can keep your character long, then you are the winner. Because persistence is an important factor in the development of blogs. So, how to prolong the life cycle of your blog? How to avoid the itch, avoid their xiebuxiaqu on the blog? I had a few ideas.

keeps track of job information on blogs.

blogs have a lot to do with the Internet. In a sense, blogs are twin brothers on the web. It’s not a bad thing to have a big click and a high degree of attention, because you express your passions and emotions on your blog and are happy to share with others. At least you are a person who loves life. Blogs are often thought to be closely related to job hunting. Because people will write a blog, inadvertently job information and interests reflected in the blog, if establish a brand, blog high popularity, the future job be of great advantage to blog, is to write your resume occupation. So, reflect their own occupation in the blog, expressed willingness to job, can often get more attention, resulting in a job hunt quick step.

links blogs to work closely,

now, many bloggers in determining the blog theme, often their second points of interest based on such operating out of the blog, after all, and work related degree, their writing may do things carelessly, it can not attract other people’s appetite. For example, an English teacher in the blog share their fitness experience, although write but does not reflect the genuine and sincere, occupation characteristics of their own, if he adds some words of memory, syntactic accuracy and English translation information in the blog, on their own, no doubt is a kind of occupation self shaping and showing, and can attract more eyes of other people.

records "sweet and sour

" in blog

blog writing boring, boring, avoid dogma. Everyone has such feelings, do not like to read mechanical articles, two is love to see, into the author’s own insights and life experience of the essay, in fact, the blog is also true. Integration into their own life perception, blog flesh and blood, and then there is a soul, thinking. Being a life oriented person is very important for blogging. For example, when writing a blog, you can introduce yourself to the ups and downs of your domain name, or introduce your own travel experience, which makes the blog look full of rich flavor of life. These 00 seemingly scattered tinkling se text, is a true reflection of the vicissitudes of life, colorful life, is your heart, every aftertaste will have different feelings, to resonate with readers. The reader wrote heart – in the real feelings, also worry that it is difficult to establish a long-term concern

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