Problems existing in local websites and problems to be solved

recently, I’ve been helping with the link, and of course I’ve looked at some of the local websites. The exchange of more than really found some problems, of course, some problems are considered SEO, and some of the problems is the overall planning, the problem appears to be no problem, but if some, for the influence of the website is really not small, here I will see some of the questions I recorded, wish. Station friends pay attention to these details.

one, the details affect the weight of the site

as far as I can see, the local webmaster ignores the details. Many people are sensitive to friendship links and require more. This is a good thing. But often overlooked another important local website: the advertising business, in fact, for the webmaster, how to profit has been discussed, and the common is the business forum and portal image ads, forum program (such as DZ) is the four grid plugin is the local website used more. The problem arises here, many owners do not consider this picture advertising links, businesses have their own website and link directly in the above plus a hyperlink, which is bound to affect the transfer of the weights of the website, to do a single link to N.

how to solve this problem, is also very simple, can use the JS to link JS and conventional writing writing can refer to the following:

< a target=" _blank" href="" > Jieyang general < /a>   jump; this is commonly used, can transfer the weight of   < a href=" #" onclick=" window.location.href=’’" > Jieyang JS < /a> jump;

this is JS and does not pass the weight

people say directly to link nofollow tags, tell the spider on the line, at present, Google is better, Baidu nofollow response is too slow, and some search engines do not support nofollow tags, which means nofollow or transfer weights.

in addition, business advertising links not to transfer the weight (in fact, businesses also don’t understand this), they request to add link is the hope that through the link, users can reach their website to learn more, and JS to meet this demand, so what kind of businesses that are the same, but for the webmaster, no need to spread out the weight (like you a single).

on the local web site >