Baidu and Google included rules inside you with a long day

for web updates and included, search engines have their respective laws. Therefore, every time the site updates included, are affecting each site operators nerve. Because the update is included in the rankings and Baidu Google ranking basis, of course, each site’s own situation is not the same, updated included can not be generalized. According to the Internet actual combat expert Huang Xiangru careful observation and comparison, summed up the Baidu, Google updates, included rules and phenomena


1 update is included and varies according to the quality of your website and update speed, you quickly it too fast, you slow it slow; and Google update is "stable", basically is a Monday update for the enterprise website. If it is a big portal online, may be updated and included in the Google will be different. Many web operators in the Baidu optimization and Google optimization, will often wonder whether Baidu update faster, or Google update faster, and I think this is not an absolute number.

included 2 of quality has been improved, as early as a few years ago said the number of Baidu included very exaggerated, and now many large web sites included the number was cut in half, even far less than the number of Google included. This move also shows that Baidu is changing its standards and standards.

3 makes Baidu optimizer often headache is his website is often Baidu "K", light K over the home page, heavy K, drop more other pages, and even 10 Fen do not stay. This is Baidu’s punishment mechanism for Baidu to optimize cheaters. And there is a joint and several liability. If a site is K and your site has a link to it, then your site will be "K"". And without prior notice to you. Appearing to be "K" is very painful, and if you don’t take remedial measures, then you may have been "K" down. Finally, your site will be kicked out of the Baidu gate.

Baidu search engine features

1. word processing based information processing. It solves the problem of understanding Chinese information, and greatly improves the accuracy and recall of search.

2. supports mainstream Chinese coding standards. Including GBK (Chinese characters, internal code specification) GB2312 (Simplified), BIG5 (traditional), and can switch between encoding.

3. intelligent correlation algorithm. A method based on content and hyperlink analysis is adopted to evaluate the correlation, and the information contained in the web page can be objectively analyzed, so as to maximize the relevance of retrieval results.

4. search results can indicate rich web attributes (such as title, URL, time, size, encoding, abstract, etc.), and highlight the user’s query string, so that users can judge whether to read the original text.

5. Baidu search support two searches (also known as progressive retrieval or retrieval approach). >