Technical Adsense forever pain

I call myself "technical stationmaster", it is not because of my technology is powerful, but I have the characteristic that technical stationmaster exists commonly. I have several websites, all procedures are written by myself, can run very stable, but the wine is afraid alley deep, even if the webmaster provides the most needed things, will no one cares.

I can’t help feeling inferior to my promotion ability, racking my brains to think of creative ideas and becoming a website in reality, but no one uses it. I would like to introduce my website, if you are a webmaster, please keep on looking, this content will help you!


my station is the iFrame League this alliance can help you improve the flow and free network promotion, but not the traditional software brush, but visitors are calling each other between the alliance during a visit to the page, as long as the code is placed properly, does not affect the normal browsing, but can put IP enhance the number of about 4 times.

In addition to

flow of each brush, and more traditional network promotion, text links, one click a show of 20 points, 1 points, traffic promotion can two not mistake, if you have a meticulous research on the iFrame alliance, you will find that if you are a garbage station & quality of the station, you the promotion of garbage station traffic into high quality station (do not reverse, source of traffic flow is casual, but to go through an audit, if you hang a horse, the other members are miserable, so place the code of the webmaster friends do not have to worry about the problem of the horse, the system will detect 24 hours).

many people ask, I want so much traffic do what is not for horse, I just want to say, I did not want to make money with this alliance, commercial function have been done, but only in the internal opening. The current income is 0, which is why the site can not sell.

now my heart is very contradictory, continue to operate without promotion, sell the site but can not find buyers, not because of what, a power station is extremely fragile, the iFrame alliance flow chains will break, I had to publish this article to the Webmaster Help, placing the iFrame alliance code will not have any impact on the visitor’s browsing, no horse, just hope this tool can give the Webmaster Help, only in the case of adding more site traffic, in order to enhance the better.

for our common dream, I hope you can support the iFrame alliance, and actively promote the iFrame alliance, so that free upgrade traffic and free network promotion can become a reality.

if you are interested in buying the iFrame alliance, you can also call me, the price can be discussed in detail. (don’t ask to include, the league has nothing to add, I tell you, Baidu included only 1 pages, but search iframe this keyword, you will find iFrame League in third place)