Suitable for grassroots webmaster certification product introduction

a few days ago, I released the "Lu Songsong blog, adding 360 site certification to get a lot of people’s attention, certification mentioned many more friends to come to consult the article, in order to satisfy people’s curiosity and want to give certified webmasters some help for me in this situation we spread 360 site certification, at the same time in the the rest of the site certification, so that we choose.

is the 360 site certification is not over 360 to launch the service, this certification is actually launched by the certification of the alliance, the alliance certification guidance by the Ministry, 360 members of the unit is responsible for the display of the main terminal, like Tencent, Baidu, Jinshan these are its members, or more powerful. The alliance adopts the third party certification model, which is more reliable, including more than 30 domestic certification bodies, and more common is the security technology and Print-Rite integrity. I am on the security technology to complete the certification, it is understood that the security technology is by accreditation specified trusted authentication services and technical support organizations, has also led the development of the national standard "trusted website identification technology guide". The following is the result of this station authentication:


after the completion of the certification, in addition to the 360 green name card and search browser, IE browser, Maxthon browser, 2345 browser has shown, from their official website, covering the user is very much, 500 million.


below loose, to several mainstream certification on the market to do inventory, and I hope to help you better understand and choose your own website certification.

1. certification alliance

is the recent loose the certification of their own, the above detailed introduced, the Ministry in charge of Internet business belongs to the background, using the national standard, authentic authority, at the same time there are 360, IE, Maxthon, 2345 and many other Internet terminal display, the broadest coverage, is said to be able to cover 500 million users, showing the effect of certification good, but it is said that more stringent audit standards.

2. security alliance

this is the certification service launched by Chong woo company from Beijing, which is mainly supported by Tencent. What authority did not find a background, but has its own display channels, the authentication result mainly is displayed in a QQ browser, Tencent security alliance platform. The effect is as follows:


3. trusted authentication

this attestation is launched by North dragon net, the company founder comes out from China Internet Information Center, have certain authority. After the website has been certified, it can be labeled "green tick" on UC browser, Ali Wangwang and so on, but the user coverage is limited. The effect is as follows: