WordPress’s recent events were bleak and bustling with activity

said the WordPress community recently happened a month ago today, the long-awaited WordPress3.0 released, but a month later, the domestic and foreign WordPress industry is undergoing some very bad things, while is desolate, and be in full swing, why do you say so, I think do WordPress friends should have guessed 12 comes.


said domestic is desolate, in fact, the domestic WordPress community is not desolate, this can be seen from the WordPress forum Chinese heat, everyone in the discussion of new characteristics of 3 positive. What I mean is "Wordpress", the official website of simplified chinese. To date, WordPress3.0 has been released for one month, and our Chinese website is still WordPress2.9.2, the previous version of the most Chinese also is one or two weeks it was released, but this has been a month, no news. Although during this period there are a lot of non official Chinese release, but these versions did not go through the official audit, the safety or make some friends not at ease, so a lot of you still want to use the official version is assured. In fact, as the domestic WordPress Chinese team and other teams and individuals released Chinese version of a very good, but even so, the serious Chinese official update, always let you feel depressed, to some extent, is no doubt to the enthusiastic domestic WordPress Bo Friends poured a cold water.

said this, I’m not trying to criticize WordPress Chinese official management personnel, I admire the Chinese official responsible for management personnel, because doing this and there is no economic benefit to their personal interests and hobbies, and completely to do now. It was not released in time, but it was said that it was delayed because of personal trouble. So here I think we should change the Chinese website, after all his time and energy is limited, with open arms, put some of the best Chinese groups also came to absorb such a team to do this thing, even if a person is not, there will be other members complete the Chinese version of the release, which will not be delayed Chinese release, also to promote communication, not in. Hopefully in the near future, WordPress Chinese officials will have a strong team to fight, instead of doing it like this.

Let’s look at the

WordPress foreign community recently engaged in what do of course is the founder of WordPress be in full swing, Matt Mullenweg and Chris Pearson (WordPress Thesis Theme Framework developers) a growing dispute between. Mullenweg means, "WordPre>"